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Nov 1, 2001 06:33 PM

Another first date suggestion request

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After reading the previous post requesting for first date suggestions, I'd like to get some of my own. I'd prefer to go somewhere I've been to before as to not be completely be surprised by food, service, atmosphere, location, etc. So I've narrowed it down to three places, all in Hollywood and on Melrose. They are Jozu, Lucques, and the House.

Now I haven't been them in a while. So if you are looking for somewhere that is not _too_ romantic (don't want to scare her), or _too_ fancy (too intimidating), but it should be quiet enough to carry a conversation. Where would you go?

As I recall, Lucques is quite loud. Is it still the hottest place to be seen? If there's anywhere equivalent in that area, what else would you suggest?

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    More of everything....

    Hmmm, when I used to go on first dates, I always tried to go someplace where there was a sense of entertainment to the experience, just in case conversation got tough (you know, the dreaded pregnant pauses). Sushi was always a favorite for that reason. How bout' Cobras & Matodors - kind of a fun experience getting to pick and share tapas.

    Cheesey, one thing I'd ask you, the places you came up - is that typical of the kind of money you spend on dining out? I always worried about getting my dates expectations unrealistically high of where we'd be going on future dates. I think its better to splurg on the ones you've been out with for a while.

    1. As someone who went on several blind/first dates in the course of internet dating, I have to say that taking your date someplace expensive like Lucques or Jozu, true special occassion restaurants, is potentially a big mistake.

      Even if you really like her and are excited about the first date, you're really putting pressure on the situation and on both of you by going someplace expensive and "fancy".

      I don't know, maybe you're an entertainment mogul or an attorney and those ARE everyday restaurants to you. But even if the hefty price is not an issue for you, why not save it for an anniversary? Or is that what you're saving L'Orangerie for?? (This is on my mind -- incidentally, my one and only successful internet date and I are celebrating our second anniversary this weekend at Chez Panisse Cafe!)

      I think this (appropriate level of first date place) is a very interesting thing to think about, actually! Reliable and comfortable are definitely important, as you say. Actually, one first-date (non-internet!) choice that impressed me was La Serenata de Garabaldi. I was impressed that he knew about this place, which even though chowhounds know it well is a bit off the beaten path for most of us (the original). Warm atmosphere, good food, plus the fact that it was kind of in-the-know and quirky: these added up to a good choice.

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        I just had this experience -- a first date where I asked that he pick something comfortable and not too fancy. He picked something WAY TOO fancy. The meal was very good, but I was underdressed, we weren't connecting, and we sat in that restaurant forever. I felt bad that he spent all that money. It was a very uncomfortable situation.