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Feb 6, 2008 07:20 PM

Danton's (Houston)

Has anyone tried this new seafood place?

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  1. Zorra, myself and three friends dined there in early January. The waitstaff was eager and attentive, although making errors with our orders (minor). We started with the Devils on Horseback which were quite good but just ever so slightly overcooked to my taste (i prefer the bacon wrapping to not be crunchy) and onion rings (raw oysters were not on the menu that night due to personell problems). My red beans and rice were again okay, but nothing to post up about. The entree of crab cakes were served with a seasoned white rice were also, 'just okay'. To the best of my memory, my dining companions were of the same opinions with their stuffed red snapper, fried shrimp, and fried oysters. I'm hoping that our dining experience can just be chalked up to new eatery growing pains as we met one of the owners who was a genuinely nice individual, but I personally would not go out of my way to return anytime soon.

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      We were excited to eat at Danton's last night after reading all the rave reviews. It was awful. Oysters on the half shell were plump but funky tasting. All we could say was, hope we don't get sick. Luckily we didn't. Gumbo was the worst we have ever eaten. Where did the color and consistency come from - roux in a bottle? Remoulade was not any better - too much mayo base. Should have guessed as it isn't even spelled correctly on their website. Oysters Kyle came floating in some butter with a hint of L&P and a few green onions. I'd save my fat grams for something more rewarding. Fried oysters were cold, borderline soggy and came on top of some cold, limp, tasteless french fries. The side of cole slaw was sour tasting. If this restaurant was in Louisiana south of I-10 it wouldn't make it until the end of the year.

    2. I'm sorry other posters did not have a good meal at Danton's. My husband and I ate there shortly after I posted my original query, and we enjoyed it very much. We both liked the gumbo, and found it loaded with shrimp and oysters. I stuck to standard fried shrimp and catfish and was not disappointed. If I recall, he had some sort of blackened snapper special, and said it was delicious. They seem to be making a strong effort to have a good wine list (I think this was a response to some criticism on b4-u-eat), and we tried a Coppola "Director's Cut" Chardonnay that we both liked. (We were amused by the VERY young--though competent--server who asked us, did we know that winemaker was also a film director?) We had no complaints about service, and the atmosphere is attractive and relaxing. We might not go out of our way to eat there, but I'm sure we will probably go there again at some point.

      1. i had an awful experience there too. my 2 friends and i went when they used to have oysters on the half shell on their happy hour menu a few months after they opened. we ordered 2 dozen to start and when our oysters arrived we could see grey oyster dirt swimming in the shells. the only way to salvage the oyster without getting a mouthful of grit was to dip each oyster in our glass of ice water to rinse them. the problem with this was that they tasted bland b/c we washed off all the lovely oyster juices. when we ordered the second round, we told the bartender and the oyster shucker to wash the oysters more thorougly before shucking and explained the situation to them. we received an apology, but the second round wasn't any better than the first. my dining companion also ordered a bowl of gumbo which i helped myself to, of course. i remember it was a very dark roux, but nothing else really stood out about it. we ended up going somewhere else for dinner.