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Oscar Party 2008 Sweeney Todd - need recipes - help

I am stumped! What do I bring to the Oscar Party - I have bring food that has a Sweeney Todd theme.

Mrs. Lovett's Cornish Pasties? Meat Pies? Too simple.

Help me out - I want something with body parts visible? Bones made of dough? Hair? Eyeballs? Barbershop theme?


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    1. how about a more subtle approach? something with blood oranges, perhaps?

      1. From the lyircs of "Have a little priest"

        "And we have some shepherd's pie peppered
        With actual shepherd on top!"

        ... of course ... not with actual sheperd.

        A pie or cake covered with whipped cream like shaving creme You could get creative with the decorations ... maybe some peppermint sticks for barber poles or sprinkled with coconut to simulate whiskers.

        1. A meat pie, a Good one isn't simple, takes skill.

          I bet a search of "halloween" party food will gives you tons of body part food ideas.

          Off hand.a Bloody mary with a white asparagus spear instead of a celery rib?

          1. Spaghetti squash w/ eyeballs... i mean meatballs.

            Do filo wrapped around little hot dogs... they'll look like bone with marrow.

            mutton chops

            lady finger drizzles with bloody red jam

            deviled eggs with olives for eye pupils

            Blood and Bones (Tomato soup w/ cheese straws)

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              Reminds me the fish head soup I had the other day at a sushi joint.
              Half head, big eye included.
              Eyeball comes off, you put it whole in your mouth and chew.
              Pretty good.
              Little bone-like piece inside (the cornea?)

            2. Sweet and sour tongue while tasting good, always repulses people!

              1. Sloppy Jon Doe's (no one claimed him at the morgue, and we simply couldn't let him to go to waste)
                Maybe with pulled pork to simulate...well, you know, hastily shredded flesh.

                As the other poster suggested, lots of ideas out there if you Google Halloween food.
                Eyeball meatballs (with pimento-stuffed olives in meatballs), witch's fingers (cookies), and it seems to me there was some eyeball thing made out of hard boiled eggs.

                Also, Mexican Day of the Dead might give you something useful. They do lots of bones and skeleton things.

                Penn and Teller have a book, something like "Play with your Food." One of their desserts is a Jell-O heart mold with a plastic bag of raspberry puree inside. You bring the mold to the table and stab it, releasing the sauce to bleed on to the plate. If you do this, it should definitely be served with some brittle meringue bone-shaped cookies.

                For savory bones, maybe you could cut some free-form out of frozen hash brown patties. Do a skull with eye sockets, a foot or hand so it doesn't just look like a chicken leg. Serve with bloody drip sauce (ketchup or marinara).

                If you don't care about being totally edible, I be you can find little plastic arms and hands at a party supply store that you could have sticking out of whatever you make.

                1. Shaved Ice (get the machine at Target)

                  1. Well, my friend Irene came up with a recipe for meat pies. Whatta think?

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