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Feb 6, 2008 07:15 PM

Foodie near Clemson for the next 2 months...

Hi Chowhouds. I'm a Toronto-Chow transplated onto Lake Keowee for the next 2 months. Looking for some help for searching out the following if it actually exists in Clemson/Seneca. First, any suggestions on must gets/must try while I'm here? I've heard and will be picking up some Clemson Blue Cheese as it gets good reviews. Anything else?

What I'm looking for is a good bakery, and more specifically a bakery that makes good baguettes. So far, Bloom Markets has been my shopping destination, the produce is good, seafood is better than average and they stock a good number of organic and natural foods.

Am I missing anything?


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  1. It's been a few years since I graduated and left Clemson, but I know Sardi's Den is still there. It's a bit of a dive across the street from the Clemson Bi-Lo that has fantastic ribs and wings. Also Peppino's has great New York style pizza. If you're looking for a "nicer" restaurant Calhoun Corners is the way to go. And you're right, the Clemson Blue Cheese is a must.

    Sorry I can't really help with the Seneca side of things or the search for a good bakery. Enjoy your stay!

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      We went to Clemson for the VT-Clemson game last fall and had a blast. What a great town. Had dinner one night at Calhoun Corners and everyone loved their meals and I was the table winner with their phenominal shrimp & grits.

    2. There is a goat cheese farm in Pendleton called Split Creek Farms. Their cheese are great, in particular the marinated goat feta and the chevre ball w/ almonds and apricots.

      Clemson/Seneca is not much of a dining destination, IMHO, Greenville not much better, but we do have a Whole Foods if you get over this way. Have fun.

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        I second Sardi's - it's wonderfully divey. I spend every Thanksgiving in Clemson with friends and we always go there. There is a little Asian joint in a little strip mall in Clemson. It's on the left on 123 as you're heading out of Clemson toward Senecca. I can't remember the name of it, but it's run by a woman from Taiwan - she does everything herself - and it's a real find. Definitely more authentic than anything else I've ever found in SC - I lived in Asia for a while. There are also some decent authentic Mexican places around. There used to be a nice little Thai restaurant which burned down some time ago, but last I heard they were rebuilding it.

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          Sardi's sounds like the kind of place I'm looking for. Do they serve (decent) fish and chips? Greenville seems to be lacking in divey joints offering fish fries, a dining option that I took for granted in Cleveland, land of the Catholics.

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            I'm not sure if they have fish n chips, kind of doubt it - but I can't imagine that they would be fabulous if they did. Try the ribs - we always get chicken wings and potato skins and drinks.

      2. Along with their blue cheese, I hear Clemson-made ice cream is pretty fantastic. Though, I haven't had the chance to try it yet.

        I've only been to Super Taco once, but my burrito was great, and it's supposed to be the best Mexican in Clemson.

        For BBQ, we usually get Big Dave's, because it's the best we've found between Clemson (hubby's work) and Easley (home).

        1. No bakeries around here, sorry! There are a couple of good places in Central - Main St. Deli and a nice little Italian place, Villa Novella.

          In Clemson, I totally second Big Dave's for BBQ. And the Pot Belly Deli is excellent.

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            Thanks! These are great...keep em coming and I'll do my best to check out some of the places.

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              Since you'll be there for 2 months you may want to take a ride up to Walhalla one day and try the Steakhouse Cafeteria. The owner Abed makes awesome fried chicken if you don't mind some local cafeteria style eating. I also am a fan of the Clemson blue cheese as well so try it if you like blue. I have heard people complain about the local mexican joints but I have been to about all of them and thought most were rather good. I heard Pixie and Bills was good for something more upscale but never been. Columbo's Pizza joint has an inexpensive buffet on Thursday nights I beleive, good place to go if you feel like gorging yourself. Both Pepinos and Todaros downtown have decent pizzas. There is a Moe's downtown as well (chain) that is a good place to pick up a burrito for lunch. Also take a ride to the Galley Restaurant at Portman Marina one day, a nice view and some good eats. They also have a sushi place there now that I haven't been to yet but hopefully will when visiting that way soon. Seneca doensn't have much to offer, probably a couple good places that I can't think of at the moment. Charlie T's in Anderson is a college type joint with decent wings and a great lake view. If you find anyplace good during your stay please share!

              some links:


          2. My husband and I always try to make it to the Pot Belly Deli when we're in town for Clemson games. They have great sandwiches. I love the Greek roll-up and he always gets something with turkey, cranberry sauce, homemade honey mustard, and maybe dressing (basically a Thanksgiving sandwich). I went to Pixie and Bills many years ago and vaguely remember it as being good but expensive (for a college town). Definitely get some Clemson ice cream! I've never been, but I've heard good things about Peppinos (which others have mentioned). I don't know about bakeries, but there's probably something decent in the Seneca/Westminster/Walhalla downtown area.