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Nov 1, 2001 06:17 PM

Late Night Menu?

  • j

Anyone have suggestions for fine restaurants in LA (West side) offering late-night discounts, or prix fixe menus?

I'm a former New Yorker, and greatly miss going out to restaurants like Vivolo (74th & Lexington), where a 3-course menu after 9pm costs about $20. A complete bargain, and one of the most romantic (and good) Italian restaurants in all of Manhattan.

Would love to find some great places in LA where a late night bargain can be found.


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  1. Lucques (on Melrose) has a late night menu. After 10pm I think, but call to double check. I've only had it at the bar, so I don't know if they do table service then. Steak frites that couldn't be better.