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Feb 6, 2008 07:15 PM

Surprise Anniversary Dinner

My 10th wedding anniversary is in 2 weeks. Unfortunately, my wife will be in New Orleans at a convention that entire week and she's really bummed about missing our anniversary. So I've decided to fly down and surprise her that day. And I've worked it out with her boss so that she will be free to have dinner with me that night.

I've got all the other bases covered: flowers, card, and a fabulous gift. Now all I need is a dinner plan. We've been to New Orleans many times, but this is our first time there since the storm. We love "high" find dining and money is no object. So, since we only get one meal, I only have 1 chance to make this the perfect 10th anniversary dinner. Where do you recommend?

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  1. I am replying as a woman, not as a New Orleans expert. I would want to go somewhere I'd never been. Are there any of the upscale places you've missed on your previous visits?

    1. Try Emeril's Delmonico on St. Charles Ave. in the Garden District. It is a very small upscale restaurant that would be perfect for an anniversary.

      You can also try local food critic Tom Fitzmorris' website for any suggestions.

      I think all of the high end restaurants are now open.

      Have a great anniversary, and enjoy your trip to new orleans

      1. Restaurant August. The wine selection is superb (earthy cab, name eludes me), the appetizers spot on (foie gras three ways) and my entree was fantastic (venison three ways). Or, you could do the wine pairing with the menu prepared by Besh for $150 a piece. Or, Brigsten's. Of course, there's always Stella. Wow. OK, just bounce around the board and you'll see that all of these are reviewed. You really can't go wrong with the top ten restaurants down here.

        1. Bayona! Chef Susan Spicer's restaurant in the FQ. Congratulations & enjoy!

          1. Bayona would be nice, August is great food, but maybe not quite so romantic. I think I'd want to go to Stella! or Cuvee. Or Commander's.