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Nov 1, 2001 05:18 PM

My dream

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In my dream, I am the owner of a business called Melawech World. All the foods I sell are disc-shaped. Pizza such as is made at Gaspare's in San Francisco. Scallion pancakes similar to those at Peking Resturant in Westminster. Melawech modeled on that sold at Magic Carpet on Pico. For dessert I sell ice cream sandwiches--buttery wafers from Brussels enclosing Mashti Malone's ginger or orange blossom ice cream. Crepes. Chewy and leavened Indian pancakes made with semolina flour and napped with honey butter. Chelun bing. The shop is on Sawtelle, not far from Granada Market. In my dream.

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  1. m
    Mike Kilgore

    I second your dream, and your prices are fantastically low, I get a table in your place no matter what time I walk in and everybody shouts out "Hi Norm" er "Hi Mike" when I walk in. (Also my waitress is always either Selma Hayek or Sela Ward, and they always laught at all my jokes and fawn over me, which makes my wife jealous but I tell her it's all in good fun and she calms right down.) Boy this dreaming stuff is fun. :-D

    1. m

      Granted. Sign here. An eternity of meat-eating is a small price to pay.

      1. Will you accept bills and credit, or disc shaped currency only?

        Russell H.

        1. Oh, Samo.

          Your dream is dreamy
          Round Belgian wafers scrumptious
          Ginger ice cream sigh

          Symbol eternity
          Forever quietly full
          Graceful, delicous