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Tatami Room?

So my birthday dinner is coming up and I was wondering if anyone could rec. a great Japanese Rest. with a tatami room. The only one I can find is Thousand cranes, I've never been there before any reviews? My family seems to think I should just stick to my old fall back Matsuhisa (no Tatami obviously but, always good food), I want to try somewhere new though. There will only be 6-8 of us so no crazy 20+ tatami rooms please.

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  1. Musha in Santa Monica. Not sushi, but excellent food and very, very reasonable.

    Previous thread that will give you an exellent idea of the food here: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/480675

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      Musha is yummy and fun! Their tatami room is perfect for your party size.

      Furaibo also has a tatami room but it can accommodate about 20, and it's not very comfortable as there is no leg room under the table.

    2. Gonpachi in Beverly Hills has Tatami rooms, small size. We saw them when we had dinner there the first time, we didn't eat at a tatami room, but we passed by them, and they looked extremely nice and peaceful.

      1. Hi Violet,
        Thousand Cranes is elegant & delicious, but quite pricey! There are a few other Japanese Hotels in LA other than the New Otani which houses Thousand Cranes. I would call those few, and ask if their restaurant has (a) tatami room(s). I think these authentic Venues are your best bet for find these. Good luck! -JET

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          Re: The New Otani

          The company that owned the property sold the building and The New Otani Hotel & Gardens is now owned and managed other entities and called the Kyoto Grand Hotel and Gardens. http://www.kyotograndhotel.com/

          Senbazuru (A Thousand Cranes) restaurant is still operating but I wonder if the new management kept some of hotel's restaurant staff and same menu on or all new staff/menu?

        2. Tatami rooms I know:

          Gonpachi in Beverly Hills (beware of the mostly inedible menu there)
          Honda-Ya in Little Tokyo (me like)
          FuRaiBo on Sawtelle (me like)

          1. Eons ago I remember going to Yamashiro Sky Room, waaaaay up behind the Hollywood sign in the hills. Spectacular view, but I recall only soso food. They did have many private tatami rooms, tho. Are they still in business? Does anyone go there any more?

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              Still in business, still suck big bottles of goat fur in terms of food.

            2. Kokekokko, as I recall, has a pretty cool, smallish tatami room -- if you are into yakitori and devine soboro don.


              1. Kinokawa has a small tatami room that would probably be perfect for your size party.

                Kinokawa Japanese
                1611 E Wardlow Rd, Long Beach, CA 90807

                1. I like Honda-Ya in Little Tokyo. Their tatami room is pretty big, so you could fit a large party in there.

                  1. I believe Sai Sai at the Biltmore has a tatami room, don't recall the size, but thought it was not that large. I used to enjoy lunching at Sai Sai but haven't been there in a long time.

                    btw the tatami room at Honda Ya in Jtown is the 20+ type.

                    1. I just had a bday dinner at Musha (CH-suggested) in Santa Monice last Friday and it was great! Bar is really only beer and sake (there is nothing else drinkable on it) so my only caveat would be to BYOB if you want anything else...but the food was yummy and the room was just the right size for 6-8. Highly recommended - and (off the subject) with the money you save on Friday you can get your S.O. to take you to Ortolan on Sat.(as I did) ... I am still dreaming about that Egg and Caviar in Hot Ash!! But MUSHA was winner - go for it!

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                        in case you want to know what we ate - scroll down for my follw-up post

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                          Beer is really the best match for izakaya food. More versatile than wine OR sake (although sake,a s a sort of beer, really, can also do well) this is why beer is the traditional izakaya drink!

                        2. If you just want to do Yakitori, the Shin Sen Gumi Yakitori in Torrance has a tatami room.

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                            Do they have tatami rooms for 2? Or is it just reserved for larger parties?

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                              Depending on how slow the night is, I'm sure SSG would let a group of 2 take a table.

                              For sure, Honda-ya and FuRaiBo will let groups of 2 use a tatami table.

                          2. Thanks so much for the Recs. I think we will be checking out Musha. I 'll post back here to let ya'll know how it went. Thanks again.