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Feb 6, 2008 05:19 PM

Recs in Miami near 160th & I-95?

Hi, we'll flying down to Miami for a cruise and have a Saturday & a Sunday morning before we leave. I saw, which takes care of at least one meal. Is there any cuban food (or any other ethnicity done well in Miami, we're open to suggestions) in this area worth checking out? Casual is prefered to formal.


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  1. I'm guessing you mean NE 163rd Street. Here's a few good threads to check out ->

    So you understand the geography, 163rd Street runs East from I-95 a few miles to Biscayne Boulevard. Along this span is the stretch of Chinese restaurants referred to in the thread you've noted (which, I should add, I've never found to be exceptional). From Biscayne Boulevard, you can go north on Biscayne and run into the Aventura area, you can go south into North Miami, you can keep going east across the causeway to Collins Ave. and end up in Sunny Isles (if you then go south you'll get to Bal Harbour, then Miami Beach).

    A few particular suggestions in response to your post:

    - Captain Jim's Seafood - simple seafood market/restaurant, closes relatively early for dinner so may be better for lunch.

    - Yakko San - outstanding Japanese tapas-style dishes just off 163rd St.

    - Gourmet Diner - French bistro-style food in an old-school diner

    As for Cuban, I believe I've heard good things about Little Havana around 125th & Biscayne but haven't tried myself.

    For other local ethnic, you should consider Peruvian and/or Argentinian. Unfortunately I've not tried the places up that way and so can't recommend, maybe others can comment. I know there's El Gran Inka (Peruvian) toward the east end of 163rd St., there's also an Argentine parrilla called Matador around there on 163rd St. too, but I can't vouch for either place.

    Captain Jim Hanson Seafood
    12950 W Dixie Hwy, Miami, FL 33161

    Gourmet Diner
    13951 S Biscayne River Dr, Miami, FL 33161

    Little Havana Restaurant
    12727 Biscayne Blvd, North Miami, FL 33181

    Matador Argentinian Steakhouse
    3207 NE 163rd St, Miami, FL

    Hiro's Yakko-San
    3881 NE 163rd Street, North Miami Beach, FL 33160

    1. There is a Christine Roti just off 163 that is Trinidadian. A really hole in the wall place but Zagat rated. Also a few Jamaican restaurants too though I haven't tried them.

      For Cuban Little Havana is quite famous in that neighborhood. You can also try Peruvian. There is one called Mi Casa on Miami Gardens Drive, which is just one exit north on I-95. A large restaurant, very friendly atmosphere and a menu with enough English that you won't have a hard time ordering.

      Not particularly Miamian but right off I95 on the north side there is Tatay, a Filipino restaurant. Cafetaria style food and very inexpensive.