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Best Sushi in New Orleans?

What is your favorite sushi place in New Orleans? I personally prefer Sake Cafe.

Also, has anyone been to Hoshun on St. Charles Ave. yet? Was thinking about going there Friday night. Thanks for yalls help!

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    1. I love Horinoya, but for some "cheaper" sushi that is so fresh and wonderful go to Hana. Their squid and noodle salad is also so very good.

      1. Me personally, I like Kyoto. If you want the best deal in town, go to Kyoto during lunch and get the chirashi lunch special. I dare you to finish it in one sitting. The fish has also been very fresh every time I've gone.

          1. Anyone who actually knows sushi will tell you that location means nothing-- so you shouldn't be shocked when you roll in to Fat City, home of seedy strip clubs and New Orleans' best sushi (even if it is in Metarie). I live in New Orleans, and I don't like going to Metarie, but this place is head and shoulders above the rest, and well worth it. Horinoya? please. This place will knock your socks off.
            Kanno all the way, baby!

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              I totally agree with savage about kanno. But I also dig mikimoto for their freshness and its actually pretty inexpensive. Two pieces of thick toro for eight bucks? A steal. And as far as Hoshun goes.... I went to their soft opening and the food was unimpressive.

            2. Mikimoto on Carrollton is my favorite.
              Much better than Sake Cafe. Has anyone tried the new place on Magazine?
              If you think Hana is on the "cheaper" side, you'll love Mikimoto too.

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                I don't like the quality of fish at Mikimoto. It is good for a cheap fix, but I find the quality to be a little less desirable.

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                  I agree: I had some Mikimoto the other day, but the fish wasn't that good. That place, along with Hana and the place on prytania (can't think of the name) are a little on the gross side.

              2. We used to go to Sake Cafe on St. Charles, then had a horrible lunch at the one in Metairie. We have not been back to either location. Horinoya gets rave reviews from everyone I know that has been. I have to get over there for lunch one day. Our current favorite place is in Metairie, Yoko - near Vets and Cleary. The staff is friendly and attentive & the specialty rolls are best I've had anywhere. The shaggy dog kicks butt. We've gone enough times so the server recognizes us and surprises us with desserts "from the kitchen" every now and then. If you go to Hoshun please post a review.

                1. I work in the Riverbend area so Ninja over on Oak St. is my regular fix. The sushi chefs are all very friendly and if you sit at the bar a few times, you'll soon find yourself treated just like a regular. My favorite is the chirashi sushi which is a giant bowl of rice LOADED with sashimi. At $20 it can easily feed two and includes everything from tuna and fresh salmon to saba (mackerel) and tako (octopus). Also, their chanpon, a noodle soup specific to the region where the owner, Momo, is from is the only thing that I can think of on cold days. I won't lie, they're not perfect--a bit slow, not as cheap as Mikimoto's (but DEFINTELY not as expensive as Sake Cafe), but well worth the trip. Just a warning, the downstairs bar/waiting area smells funky (like a backed up septic tank--don't know why) but don't let it deter you. The upstairs dining area is white and clean as a hospital (minus the staph).

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                    I drove past Ninja yesterday and it looked closed down. Is it still open? Has is moved?

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                      ? It's open. What time did you drive past?

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                        It was the afternoon- but there was a big board nailed over the door.

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                          Haha, they board up the door when they're not open. I think investing in a metal door would look a lot nicer. Anyway, they're still open and doing quite well for themselves. Their hours are Tues-Sun 11:30-2:30 for lunch and 5:00-10:00 for dinner. They might be open a little later on the weekends, not sure.

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                      I only ate at Ninja once, but they were about to close and they were incredibly gracious about seating us. The service was excellent, the cajun sashimi appetizer to die for, and the fish was so fresh I could've slapped it. They also gave us free stuff. I can't recommend Ninja highly enough.

                    3. I had another great meal Saturday at Kyoto 2 on Citrus. The creamy cold noodle salad that comes out first is tasty. My meal was Miso soup, followed by sashimi: mackerel, white tuna, and the fantastic wasabi roe that I can never remember the name of. They didn't have the wonderful black mussels on the specials menu, more's the pity. If Harahan counts as New Orleans, Kyoto 2 is my favorite.

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                        As I've posted before, Kyoto II has undergone a renaissance since Katrina...new ownership who used to be involved with Hana (uptown). The proprietress's paintings hang in the dining room, too.

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                          I love Hana's noodle salad. I find their fish can be hit and miss though.

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                            Horinoya is the best in my book. Although, Takumi this past weekend was delicous. There attention to detail was the best I have seen around here. We had heard that it was expensive and I was very surprised at how reasonable the check was. I

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                                I think 7 dollars for yellowtail nigiri is expensive when it seems that the going rate is around 5. It was good but, I didn't think it was any better than anywhere else. I will say, we had a delicious appetizer there. I'm pretty sure it was tuna carpaccio. It was really great.

                        2. We love Little Tokyo on north Carrollton. Their rolls are gigantic and reasonably priced.

                          1. I like what Tom Fitzmorris says about sushi restaurants:

                            "The best sushi restaurant is the one you always go to."

                            However, I guess I should throw my 2 cents into the mix with my short list of good sushi in the metro area:

                            Ninja (Best Crunchy Roll in town. The crunchy is some kinda mixture with onions.)
                            Hana (great food and they treated me like a king in Nov '05)
                            Sake Cafe (The Sake Cafe III Roll, Spice Girl Roll and have you had their Udon?)
                            Wasabi (Their Wasabi House Roll and Dynamite Roll are awesome.)
                            Horinoya (Good and traditional, though a bit pricey.)

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                              I honestly vote for Rock n Sake. I am in looove with their grilled salmon......I know its not sushi but it is amazing. It comes with this vinegarette that is delicious. All the rolls I have had there have been fantastic. Honestly, I think Kyoto on Magazine just isn't good.

                            2. Harry383, I hope that you enjoyed your visit to Hoshun. My experience was a positive one. The Pumpkin Encrusted Crispy Fried Duck in Plum sauce was extraordinary. The hot and sour soup tasted like it came from Five Happiness. (not necessarially a recommendation) I understand that the Chef has Five Happiness roots.

                              For the Best sushi in New Orleans I recommend:

                              KANNO - Best Individual Sushi Chef. Try Elvis' "Feed Me"
                              NINJA - Best Sushi Chef Team and Sports Commentary - see Steve and Edmund

                              1. I went to Hoshun yesterday for lunch, and I got the pumpkin seed and plum duck. It was good, but it wasn't great. The pumpkin seed mixture was a little thick. Texture of it wasn't that great. As for flavor, it was pretty good, but Zea's duck (there's only one on the menu) is far superior taste wise. Too bad Hoshun gives you twice the amount of duck though.

                                Sushi wise, being asian, and haveing been to most of the places, i think that sake cafe is usually pretty good. We ask for 50 dollars of sashimi and it comes with at least 60-65 pieces of assorted fish (tuna, salmon, octopus, white fish, yellowtail, sea urchin roe, squid, sweet shrimp, etc.)

                                I'm a student at Tulane, and since Mikimoto has free delivery and is one of the few that deliver (sake on st. charles now delivers) i get it frequently with my friends. It's not a great quality, but it's cheaper than the other places.

                                Taste of Toyko in destrahan is amazing....it's far though, which is why most people have not heard of it, but it is amazing. Their rolls are amazing, and they have a secial sauce that is the best sauce i've had at a japanese place. Their beef teriyaki is also made with angus prime rib, and is cooked to order. This place is not expensive either, just a little out of the way for most people in new orleans.

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                                  Huh...I've been underwhelmed by Taste of Tokyo. It's good enough, but I'd rate Kyoto II (post-Katrina), Horinoya, and Kanno well ahead of it. Though I am happy that Destrehan is supporting a japanese place!

                                2. I've been addicted to Mikimoto for years. I think the fish is super fresh and the prices are awesome! I am looking to try some new places though. Ninja and Rock n Sake are next on my list.

                                  Two thumbs down on Miyako on Vets. Gross. Also Sushi and Hibachi on Williams. YUCK!

                                  1. My two faves have to be Kyoto on Prytania and Rock n Sake.

                                    The Ceviche Roll at Kyoto may be the best simple preparation of a roll I've ever had and the salmon skin salad and the yellow tail neck at Rock n Sake are my absolute favorites.

                                    1. Hana! Get extra of the noodle salad. Very small place but devoted customers.

                                      1. Ninja or Asia Pacifica on Esplanade. Dont go to Takumi on Magazine.

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                                          I vote for Sekisui Samurai on Decatur in the Quarter. My boyfriend and I frequent the spot for date night. Rock n Sake is good too, but the music tends to be a little on the pop side for my taste and s generally too loud. Not a good place to have conversation. Horinoya also is quite good, used to get take out from the weekly when I lived in the CBD.

                                        2. Rock n Sake has been my favorite forever but lately I just can't bring myself to go. It is like a nightclub crowded with kids and blaring music so loud that you have to put your lips up to the other person's ear and scream to carry on a conversation. If you go there, I'd suggest going at lunch. They only do lunch on Fridays but if I go around 12:45 or 1:00 then the crowd has thinned out and during lunch the music is turned down much lower than at night. It's unfortunate but I can't bring myself to go there for dinner anymore. ugh!

                                          I ate at Ninja once and it was fantastic! Yes, the service was sort of slow but the food was great and the prices weren't ridiculous (although I don't remember what we paid, it wasn't outlandish). I'd definately go back!

                                          1. I tried raw on Magazine, and I have to say I was not expecting much, but it was really good- I am usually a ninja girl, but raw was really good and I like that they have such a larger menu we sat at the sushi bar and the chef was just making us house specials and they were awesome

                                            1. It's alright sushi, but I'd only go there for the happy hour sushi. The owners are wonderful.
                                              There are a few i personally enjoy - sushi brothers across from Hoshun is phenomenal, as is samurai down in the quarter.

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                                                  Sushi Brother's on St. Charles is great, just as good as ninja, if not better. Kyoto on Prytania has probably the best crunchy rolls in the city.

                                              1. Believe it or not, after having been to 85% of restaurants described, the best sushi in southeast Louisiana is Imho in...baton rouge: sushi Yama. If any of you make it up there for any occasion, give it a try. Fresh, melt-in-your mouth fish and creative rolls.

                                                1. old thread, but it's like this: Horinoya is the most traditional, but they're pricey, and unless you're getting their specials it's a waste to overspend.

                                                  Mikimoto, at the other end of the spectrum, is very fresh and very cheap, but won't wow you with anything outside of the basics.

                                                  Sake cafe on Magazine has great rolls, but the service is so bad at the bar and even worse at the tables that you'll be lucky if you can get your food.

                                                  Hoshun's happy hour is super cheap, but their sushi is not up to the quality of some of the other places. I doubt they buy from the same suppliers, but if they do, there must be a storage problem.

                                                  The best yellow tail in the city is Rock N Sake, hands down. Don't know who they get it from, but it has to be someone different.

                                                  Hana pre-slices their sushi in anticipation of the busy times of day. As a result everything tastes kind of off, because it's all been oxidized. The noodle salad lagniappe at the bar is great though.

                                                  Both Wasabi locations are good, but not great.

                                                  Samurai downtown is good but not great, but more expensive.

                                                  Ninja's fish is fine, but the devotees of the place forsake service and atmosphere and variety for the sake of being a 'regular.' It's the backpocket sushi joint in town bc it looks rundown like everything else here.

                                                  Miyako has a freshness problem. Nuff said.

                                                  Shogun in Metairie is excellent all around, but pricey.

                                                  Kanno is awful. It's like fast food sushi. Everything is oversauced and poorly constructed. Too much rice, not enough fish.

                                                  Sake cafe in Metairie - nothing is ever quite right. Everything tastes a little off, just like Kanno, although they're better than Kanno.

                                                  And the best sushi joints in town? Little Tokyo on Causeway has the best all-around fish and service, so long as you don't care about ambiance. Little Tokyo on Carrolton in Mid-city is also quite good in every department. Little Tokyo in Carrolton around Riverbend is NOT affiliated with the same people, and is a poor substitute with a limited menu. I think they're intended to be more if an Izakaya.

                                                  All of this being said, if I want a quick fix I go to Mikimoto because they have so much turnover they're always really fresh, and so long as I don't want anything complicated, the price is unbeatable. Cheaper than grocery store sushi.

                                                  If I want to go out to serious sushi dinner where I'm ordering everything on the menu, I go to Little Tokyo. It's a shame the service at Sake on Magazine is so poor, because it didn't always used to be that way, and they have a couple of rolls there you can't get anywhere else that are truly special.

                                                  If I want to go out with people who won't all like sushi and need to be able to order something cooked, I go to Shogun. Same thing for a huge dinner party, because they're the only place that can handle a gigantic group.

                                                  And now I'm gonna run out to Mikimoto and pick up a salmon sashimi and seaweed salad.... mmm....

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                                                    Not sure how you arrived at the conclusion that the Little Tokyo on Carrollton is "NOT affiliated with the same people". The Little Tokyo website clearly shows it as one of four afflilated restaurants.

                                                    1. re: Soco

                                                      i used to live in San Diego and ate a lot of sushi on a regular basis. has anyone noticed that in new orleans, there is an absurd tradition of imitation-crab-mayo dressing used to fill a majority of speciality rolls? nearly every shop weve hit has their rolls loaded w/ this stuff. kinda negates the whole fresh-food thing for us, so we have to order carefully.

                                                      amazingly, Wasabi's "Snowcrab Roll" uses only imitation krab, not opolio or any other real crab.

                                                      1. re: kibbles

                                                        Agree kibbles. The snowcrab salad or whatever you call it, is pretty gross.

                                                        Setting a new standard for expensive, yet delicious, sushi is Chiba on Oak Street. Damn good fish, but very expensive. They sell nigiri by the single piece, so yellowtail ends up being about 5.00 per piece. Their pieces are bigger than most, however. If you're into raw fish, which we are, it was probably the freshest I've had in town, but it comes at a hefty price.

                                                        1. re: N.O.Food

                                                          will have to check that out when we want to get our fresh on.

                                                          kinda like the phrase "the best camera is the one you have on you", i find "the best sushi joint is the one you go to the most" to hold true...Wasabi is closest to us so its where we go most often, but we're gonna try some new options.

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                                                        Surprised you didn’t mention Kyoto. The one on Prytania is pretty good, but the one in Harahan is great. It’s basically the same menu, but owned by a Japanese chef that really knows his fish. Their pieces are larger and seem fresher to me. Chiba is very good too. Had the best piece of uni I’ve had in a long time.

                                                        1. re: shanefink

                                                          Agreed - Kyoto II is one of the best in the area in my opinion.

                                                          There's a new place on Decatur in the Quarter called Ginger Lime. I tried it last week and was very pleasantly surprised. The service was as green as green gets, but the sashimi was among the best I've had in town, believe it or not. It may have been previously frozen, as I understand most sashimi is (please correct me if I'm wrong on that) you couldn't tell because unlike many places it wasn't served too cold. It was just really good standard sashimi lunch variety at a good price. SOOO much better than Samauri, which is just down the street but really not good at all. Ginger Lime - definitely the best sushi in the Quarter.

                                                          1. re: uptownlibrarian

                                                            As I understand it, almost all, if not all, fish is frozen on the boat as soon as it's caught.

                                                        2. re: Soco

                                                          I have really been enjoying Origami on Freret Street and Chiba on Oak Street recently. Origami is the more homey restaurant with a menu very similar to Kyoto's. Chiba is the flashier place but the food is good as well. The interior of Chiba really is stunning.

                                                        3. If you are not opposed to venturing into Chalmette, you should definitatly give UMI sushi a try. The place looks like a dive on the outside but is actually pretty nice inside (for da parish) They have some of the most creative specialty rolls you will find anywhere, all at a good value and with really good service.
                                                          If you give it a try you will be going back, I promise.

                                                          Chiba is my favorite place in NOLA because it is one of the few sushi places I have ever been to where the atmosphere is as great as the food.

                                                          1. I have eaten sushi all over the US. I was recently in NO for a reunion. I found a little place across the street from the Harrahs casino called Geisha Sushi....had the cold seaweed sesame salad, eel, macrel, tuna, whitefish, spicy tuna rolls, and a bottle of sake....all for like 25-30 buck. The fish was so fresh....prepared right, and very pleasant staff....I can't believe noone has mentioned this place, I absolutely loved it!!!

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                                                            1. re: Oldgravyleg

                                                              Not mentioned cause it is overpriced, mediocre, and a basic tourist trap right off Canal

                                                            2. I have never had decent sushi in New Orleans.
                                                              I am going to try Horinoya.

                                                              1. Go to Hoshon on St. Charles! It is reasonably priced and super fresh, not to mention half off of your sushi during happy hour. If you do decide to go here, make sure to try the red bean ice cream with mochi for dessert!

                                                                1. Went to Horinoya last night and I still have not had decent raw fish in New Orleans. The tuna and salmon sashimi did not taste fresh at all. Surprisingly the Hamachi sashimi was pretty good.

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                                                                    I recommend Kyoto 2 in Harahan. It’s tucked away on Citrus Drive near the movie theater. They do a pretty good lunch business. Always fresh, nice size pieces of nigiri. Toro and uni available when in season. It’s way better than Kyoto on Prytania. Also, I’ve been going to Origami on Freret lately. They’re the original owners of Kyoto so they have a lot of the same rolls and such. I’ve been really down on Kyoto 1 lately. So filthy in there and the service is terrible.

                                                                  2. I would like to add a second vote for Umi in Chalmette (fyi: before Katrina this restaurant was known as Stixx Asian Grill). My family and I eat there frequently and have yet to be disappointed. They have Hibachi too.

                                                                    As far as the "best" sushi in town? I like Tom Fitzmorris' saying about sushi restaurants: "The best one is the one you always go to." :-)

                                                                    That being said, I don't have a favorite sushi restaurant, but there are some sushi restaurants that serve a particular dish that is on my list of favorites. For example:

                                                                    - Ninja's crunchy roll. It's oniony, different, and delicious.
                                                                    - Sake Cafe's "Sake III Roll" and if you can get it, the "Spice Girl Roll" (not available at all locations).
                                                                    - Not sushi, but Umi's hibachi entrees are savory and generous.

                                                                    1. I hate to say it but its on the Northshore ... Megumi ... particularly since we moved back to the Southshore after 20 years.