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Feb 6, 2008 05:10 PM

Best Sushi in New Orleans?

What is your favorite sushi place in New Orleans? I personally prefer Sake Cafe.

Also, has anyone been to Hoshun on St. Charles Ave. yet? Was thinking about going there Friday night. Thanks for yalls help!

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    1. I love Horinoya, but for some "cheaper" sushi that is so fresh and wonderful go to Hana. Their squid and noodle salad is also so very good.

      1. Me personally, I like Kyoto. If you want the best deal in town, go to Kyoto during lunch and get the chirashi lunch special. I dare you to finish it in one sitting. The fish has also been very fresh every time I've gone.

          1. Anyone who actually knows sushi will tell you that location means nothing-- so you shouldn't be shocked when you roll in to Fat City, home of seedy strip clubs and New Orleans' best sushi (even if it is in Metarie). I live in New Orleans, and I don't like going to Metarie, but this place is head and shoulders above the rest, and well worth it. Horinoya? please. This place will knock your socks off.
            Kanno all the way, baby!

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              I totally agree with savage about kanno. But I also dig mikimoto for their freshness and its actually pretty inexpensive. Two pieces of thick toro for eight bucks? A steal. And as far as Hoshun goes.... I went to their soft opening and the food was unimpressive.