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Nov 1, 2001 04:39 PM

Santa Monica Hotel and Restaurant

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Greetings from a SF chowhound. Any idea of a mid-priced hotel in SM on or very near beach? We want Shutters but don't want to pay. Or is it any fun to stay further away?

Also looking for restaurants for the weekend, 2 adults and 2 teens. So not too fancy but my teen has sophisticated tastes from growing up here in SF. I used to live in LA when she was 4 and she wants to see the SM pier where we used to spend a lot of time.

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  1. How about the Shangri-la? It's a nice Art Deco hotel at 1301 Ocean Avenue, roughly equidistant from pier and Third Street. Call 310 394-2791 for rates and so forth.

    For food, try Border Grill on Fourth Street, Cha Cha Chicken down Ocean to Pico, the Broadway Deli on Broadway and Third for breakfast or lunch.

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      Thanks am checking out the Hotel. These eating suggestions sound great...just what we are looking for fun over fancy.

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        Four Points by Sheraton is an "airline employee hotel" with a terrible parking garage. All cars are double parked and you have to hunt down the attendant to get out. I also thought it was too far away from the Pier. Shangra La would be much better.

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          Travel agent here...

          Prices are changing daily. Try Lowes, Le Merlot, Miramar, Casa Del Mar, all normally expensive but might be deals going on.

          The Georgian is a classic old hotel very well mainained and upscale. Holiday Inn one bock from the Pier.

          Shangra La you only want the rooms that face the ocean, they are quite large, more suite type with a built in ironing board (don't see those often).

    2. There is also a Four Points by Sheraton near the beach on Pico. Walking distance to the Pier, Beach, and Rockenwagner. Nice, but not too pricey.

      With the current drop in tourism, I would encourage you to at least call some of the nicer hotels. Many are nearly empty and might be willing to make a deal if you are willing to splurge a bit.

      You might want to try breakfast at Back to the Beach one morning. The food is fair to good, but the seating is unbeatable for watching the world bike, blade, run and saunter by.


      1. Another choice would be the Embassy on 3rd St., North of Wilshire. (310) 394-1279. It's atypical for S.M. beach hotels, more like apartments and reminiscent of Europe. I believe you can get rooms with kitchens, if you want to take advantage of the fresh (mostly organic) produce at the Saturday outdoor farmers' market (a scant 2 blocks away). While prices are on the low side for the area, you sacrifice things like reserved parking and room service.

        It's also a one block walk to Michael's restaurant (310)451-0843. I haven't been in to sample the current chef's cooking, but the outdoor garden patio in back is a great spot, and the ingredients and service have always been top notch, although it may be too fancy for what you have in mind.

        1. The link below should provide a good overview of ALL the possible lodging choices in Santa Monica. When booking, don't forget to check a), as well as and (two auction sites).

          Regarding food, definitely try the Amalfi Deli at 2400 Main Street, heading towards Venice; no more than 1/2 mile from the pier, it offers marvelously authentic Italian food/supplies.