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Feb 6, 2008 04:55 PM

Mystic, CT??

recommendations for a nice dinner atmosphere in mystic?
going up there for a work related there's gonna be about 10-15 of us........

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  1. We did a long weekend get-a-way in Mystic but loved Stonington. We loved Noah's in Stonington (next town), very nice ambiance, awesome dinner. Not sure if they do groups that big.

    We also loved loved loved - Water St. Cafe (stonington again).,0,...

    1. Daniel Packer Inn although it is hard to find for the first time goer. The bar downstairs is nice and cozy and the food upstairs is fantastic. Went there with a group of the same size, so that shouldn't be an issue provided you make reservations.

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        Mystic has Azu, upscale great atmosphere, a large crowd should be no problem. Anthony J's, more cozy and publike. There always is Mystic Pizza (as in the movie) maybe for lunch. They do have great pizza. There is a great Thai restaurant in Mystic, Rice, Spice & Noodles.
        Stonington has Noah's, I think the food is just okay. We like Water Street Cafe, great atmosphere and food. Skippers Dock is great in the warm weather because the view is beautiful. Oh I forgot, Boom, beautiful restaurant with a great view and good food. A bit more upscale, get there for sunset over the water. Have fun! Let us know where you end up! Oh all restaurants have websites you can check!

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          The Stonington Boom unfortunately is no more. Lost their lease. The other two Booms in Old Lyme and Westbrook are still in business but the one in Westbrook doesn't re-open until later in the year. Miss the great view and the duck quesadilla at Stonington Boom.

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            I did not know that! Maybe Stonington will get another restaurant there. Did you know Zavella is opening a restaurant across the street from Water Street? Is it opened yet?

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              it is open now. haven't eaten there yet.

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                We went to Milagro, the new restaurant in Stonington, and we really liked it. We got guacamole w/ home made chips, salad and poblano peppers stuffed with cheese, fried with a red sauce. The place is very cute but very small. We got there at 6:30 and got a seat at the bar and right after the place filled up. I guess you'd better try it before the summer!
                We also heard some Stonington restaurant scoop! Boom has closed but someone bought it and a new restaurant will be opening in the spring. Also, in Mystic, the owners of Anthony J's bought the restaurant across from Azu and will be opening a casual home cooking sort of restaurant.

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                  Just ate at Milagro last Monday for lunch. It was a horrible windy rainy cold day and they were almost the only place in Stonington that was opened. Server was young, really nice, the food was great. I had a salad with chicken, chorizo, guacamole, greens--it was great. Also Azu serves breakfast--nice to know if you are spending the weekend in Mystic. Prices were good and service was very pleasant.

        2. If you aren't on foot, I'd suggest heading to Westerly RI to the Up River Cafe. I've never had a bad meal and the atmosphere is so nice.

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            I'm not sure if this applies to summertime only, but there was a strictly enforced 2-hour parking limit in Watch Hill, RI. Not sure if Westerly is the same. So, you might want to check that out if you're planning to dine there...

            There is a restaurant in Mystic right on the water..I forget the name but it definitely has "oyster" in the name. Ask anyone, they could tell you. Absolutely phenomenal bloody marys....That's what sticks out in my mind.

            1. re: Garlecchina

              Watch Hill in summer is definitely a world all its own.

              I think it's called S&P Oyster House. I've only been once and our food was just okay....but the bldg, view and outdoor seating area are so pretty I wouldn't hesitate to go back.

              1. re: JaneRI

                There are a couple of places in Mystic, that might fit your post, ( Take a look at there web site. ( There is also a place called Jamms on the hill above the village. Hope this helps Earle Ct.

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                  S&P- yes that's it. I went there for both lunch and dinner. They exercise better care in their dinner and have some fantastic pasta dishes.

                2. re: Garlecchina

                  Westerly is pretty easy to park in. Up River has there own parking lot. Up River is not in Watch Hill

                  1. re: Alica

                    Oh right, I was forgetting the obvious....Up River has a parking lot.

              2. I would second Daniel Packer Inne, and I also recall having a good meal at Bravo Bravo (near the bridge, I think) in Mystic some time ago. Both times a large party.

                1. not in Mystic but just one or two exits down 95 in Groton CT - Olios. Can do a large room in the back - we had a retirement party there in Oct. for someone at a small office - about the same size. Really good food - the owner also has Bravo Bravo in downtown Mystic. We were able to pick out our entrees before hand and pay so that on the day off thye asked us our names onced seated and the food came. The food is very good.

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                    Azu is also owned by Bravo Bravo.