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Feb 6, 2008 04:49 PM

Best DC dinner? Price not an issue. Jackets required is.

Hi, I'm coming from NYC in search of a high end gastronomic dining experience but is not stuffy and does not require you to dress up. We love raw oysters, foie gras, sushi, bone marrow, pork belly, seafood, steak- basically no restrictions and nothing you can get from a diner either. We can spend up to $200 pp for food exclusive of drinks but I know nothing within this range will allow us in without proper costumes. Dinner is on a sunday and we would like to feel comfortable. Thank you.

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  1. Based on your requirements, my choice would be Makato.

    1. With the exception of the Prime Rib, I can't think of any restaurant in DC where jackets are "required". While I often wear a jacket when dining out "fancy" just as often I don't. Some of the best places to eat in DC for what you want:

      Palena (the back dining room, not the cafe)
      Restaurant Eve Tasting Room
      Restaurante Tosca

      However, I'd also suggest you try Brasserie Beck or Michael Richard's Central

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      1. re: dinwiddie

        Citronelle and 1789 both require jackets.

        From Dinwiddie's list, I would recommend Cityzen or Restaurant Eve. The others are good indeed but these two are the best and neither require jackets (although most gentlemen will be wearing them).

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          PS: Komi is an option well worth considering as well.

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            You are correct. I've always work a jacket at Citronelle, and the last time I was at 1789 it was summer, very hot, and they were not enforcing the jacket required rule.

        2. From the things you love places I would suggest are:
          Blue Duck Tavern- they have excellent braised meat, sweetbreads, and savory items that are a little more adventurous (bone marrows, etc). I am not hot on them for seafood although it is on their menu. I think their real standouts are their meats. We also had I think a foie gras starter at the bar which was amazing. I can't remember which though. Jacket not required I think a couple guys we went with had on jeans even. They had a bourbon chocolate cake that if you like bourbon and chocolate (which I do) then it is really good, if you are in AA do not order this dessert.

          Seafood- go to Hook, no jacket needed.

          CityZen should also be on your list or perhaps the Source, but I probably think CityZen more so... I think your price range can do CityZen although it is a little more proper costume sort of place I think if you wore khakis/slacks and a button up shirt you could probably be ok. Maybe someone else should chime in on that one... the fiance is a suit/jacket type so I guess I don't pay too much attention and it is one of our nicer places.

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            It says sophisticated business casual, no denim except in the bar, so I am sticking with my you could do it with no jacket if you wore khakis, button up, especially if you had a sweater, then you would just look like you are from VA.

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              Most gentlemen wear jackets at Cityzen [because of the business diners or the "special occassion" diners] but it is not required. Dress slacks and shirt would be fine and there are always diners so dressed.

            2. Without a jacket, I would feel comfortable at The Source, Blue Duck or Eve. At Cityzen, Citronelle, or Tosca I would feel uncomfortable.

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