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Feb 6, 2008 04:01 PM

4 chicks staying in noe valley seek houndworthy recs.

it's time for a much needed girls' weekend. will probably be walking, eating and drinking the whole time. we'll be in jeans- no destination restaurants . we're looking for good breakfasts, casual dining and hidden gems - any types of food. ideas?

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    1. 24th st. used to have some great food options, but not so much these days.

      You'll be better off heading to 18th and Guerrero, Valencia Street, the Mission, and for Brunch, Chloe's on Church Street. If you have to stay local in Noe Valley, Herb's and Savor can be okay for breakfast/lunch. You're also close to the Castro/Market area, and pretty central enough to better food, so don't be afraid to venture out of Noe.

      1. Brunch:
        Toast (Church @Day) -- hash browns are the best thing on the menu
        Savor (24th @Noe) -- decent fare, nothing too spectacular
        Chloe's (Church @26th) -- very nice, long wait
        Herb's -- Closed! It was the best greasy spoon in the neighborhood
        Erics (Church @27th) -- solid americanized chinese

        Firefly (24th @Douglass) -- awesome.
        Pomelo (Church @30th) -- pan-asian, noodle-heavy, appetite-satisfying
        La Ciccia (30th @Church) -- brilliant Sicillian, nothing foofy
        Hamano Sushi (Castro @24th) -- good only Thu-Sat; don't bother any other night

        Not worth your time:
        any of the pizza places
        Le Zinc
        Amberjack Sushi
        Clay Oven

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        1. re: johnvey

          Why is Hamano good only three days a week?

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            I don't know if this is what the OP is talking about, but at lunch and on slow nights they sometimes use pre-cut fish. I'm a fan of Hamano when it's good, but have really let down when I stopped in for lunch one day. They do have some good rolls that are made with raw fish which is nice.

            I'd also throw Blue Plate in the mix on Mission with drinks before and after at the Argus (semi-divey).

            Haven't been in a few years, but Fresca on 24th was good last time I was there.

            1. re: Candice

              Yeah, I've been going to Hamano for about 5 years now, and after a while it just was better at the end of the week. I just chalked it up to Bourdain's advice about when restaurants receive their food shipments.

              Blue Plate is comfort food done right. Get the meatloaf if you head over there.

              Fresca went from great to alrirght in a matter of months. At first it was the best, of the 3 locations in SF, but once the critics gave their thumbs up, it settled for blah.

          2. re: johnvey

            To pick nits, La Ciccia is Sardinian, not Sicilian. And yes, it is brilliant. Consistently, wonderfully brilliant.

          3. I think for 4 fun girls I would check out the front porch on 29th and mission. it's a fun hole in the wall carribean restaurant. it does get crowded on the weekend but lots of fun nonetheless.

            1. My best friend and I did a girl's weekend in SF a few months ago. Here is my trip report: