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Feb 6, 2008 03:47 PM

SOHO area lunch?

Does anyone have a suggestion for a girl's lunch in the
Broome St/Broadway SOHO area? Casual, where we can sit for a while, eat & "visit"?
Thank you.

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    1. I recommend Mezzogiorno on Spring and Sullivan. They have homemade pasta and pizzas, which are excellent and the staff are very low-key. I also suggest Aurora on Broome and W. Broadway.

      1. I recommend Mooncake Foods. I work in Soho and get delivery from there all the time- it's seriously amazing and cheap. I've never been in the restaurant, but I have read reviews about the atmosphere and it sounds lovely. It's on Watts at Thompson. I don't know Watts, but I think it's somewhere near the entrance to the Holland Tunnel. Seriously amazing. Balthazar is a classic too, on Spring.

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        1. re: Nancy816

          Mooncake, while having excellent food, isn't the type of place you want to sit for while and eat. It's REALLY small (like 10 seats total). The delivery is excellent though as noted.

          Broome St. Bar is a bit of a dive with a good hamburger if that interests you.