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Feb 6, 2008 03:38 PM

Philospher's Stone? Charlotte NC

HAs anyone tried Philosopher's Stone on the corner of Caswell and 7th? I have seen it but never been. It's been open for a while... almost 2 years I think, while other places have failed in that location. I still don't hear much about it. I have seen a menu and it seems to be "pub fare".. just curious as to whether worth a try?

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  1. I haven't been here since they first opened. They showed some promise as a gastropub, but it's more bar than restaurant. This place used to be Bayou Kitchen, which was great for chicken fried steak and burgers. I am trying to remember what happened, but I think the owner suddenly upped and moved to Asheville, and left the employees high and dry. Some of the kitchen staff opened Philosophers Stone.

    The location is fun since you can sit outside and do some decent people watching. Their bar munchies are okay, but don't make this a dinner destination.

    1. agree with hazard. Okay as a bar, but not a food joint.

      Personally, I miss Bayou Kitchen - and the name (Philosopher's Stone) irks me for some reason.

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        The name makes me think the owners are into either Harry Potter or some online gaming culture!

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            Haha! The 1st person to rave about Philosopher's Stone looked liek he probably had his DND costume in the trunk of his car. I've been once and it was a big crazy disappointment - a zombie pub crawl that had been advertised on Myspace that noone @ the bar had ever heard of. I cried zombie tears in my pint of brrrains...