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Nov 1, 2001 01:12 PM

First date

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Any suggestions to a bright, fairly busy place in the LAX area for a "blind date" ??

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  1. Now I don't think the food at any of the places I am going to recommend is particularly terrific but they meet your bright and busy requirement.

    In Marina Del Rey is

    Tony P's - fish, pasta, steaks, salad with a decent view.

    Edies Diner - faux 50's style diner

    Chains like CPK, Jerry's Deli, and Islands.

    One place that I find consistently decent is 26 Beach Cafe. The locaiton on Washington near Lincoln is easier to deal with than the one at Pacific and Washington.

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      Mike Kilgore

      Alejo's on Lincoln Blvd. just South of LAX for consistantly good, fairly priced, family comfortable Italian.

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        Thanks Mike heard lots about that place.

        1. re: Mike Kilgore

          Really? Seems like standing around on a mini-mall sidewalk while you wait (and wait) for your table would be less than romantic.

          Plus, that clinical lighting once you're in? Sheesh.

          1. re: LazyL

            I'm thinking of the Venice location. Maybe the Westchester one is more conducive to romance...haven't been there.

            1. re: LazyL
              Mike Kilgore

              I was thinking more from the standpoint of good food and a casual, comfortable atmosphere that leaves a lot of room to move up in price and romantic ambience as the relationship deepens. I think there was another thread on this subject which pretty well summed up my thinking about keeping it simple in the early going. But if that is not what the poster believes in, they can pick something more conducive to romance.

          2. re: Mike Kilgore

            The Westchester Alejo's is North of LAX, just north of Manchester on the West side of Lincoln.

            1. re: sunnyla
              Mike Kilgore

              Hi Sunny, thanks for the correction. I had major brain fade when I wrote that. Especially considering Lincoln Blvd. ends at the northern edge of LAX, Alejo's couldn't very well be south, now could it.

              By the way, good to see you posting.

          3. I frequent Alejo's, as I live near the airport, but there's also the Howard Hughes Promenade off of Sepulveda, south of Centinela. The food at the various places (Islands, South of the Border, Kabuki, Prego's) is typical chain food, but it's fun to stroll around and catch a movie, shop for books, get your nails done (?!) after dinner.

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              Thank you, Howard Hughes center is a GREAT idea

              1. re: sunnyla

                I never get my nails done on a first date.

              2. Cheese and Olive (C&O's). Nice atmosphere. I don't dig the food that much, but its pretty cool for a date. The atmosphere is extremely busy and its a bright and fun place to go. + the beach is down the street.

                Cheescake factory or TOny P's. w/ a table outside with a view on the marina. In fact, most places in Marina del Rey would probably be cool...the restaurants are all lively, they have great views and vibes, etc etc etc.

                Caution w/ Alejo's: Beware...there is a lot of garlic in their sauce, so just to give you a heads up on that in case the date turns out "good". Also, its more family oriented (in my opinion), it is rather casual.