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Feb 6, 2008 02:49 PM

Different Cheese from Different Places

Has anyone noticed that the mozzarella cheese you get on pizza in the midwest tastes so different (better) than the stuff you get on the west coast?

now, the national chains always taste the same, but the mom and pop shops and even the bars have this kind of yummy pizza cheese...does it have something to do w/ the dairy farms in the midwest as opposed to the supposedly happy california cows?

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  1. I don't know where you are coming from on this one. If any restaruant/bar are making pizzas of any numbers they are most likely buying thier cheese and everything else from a major wholesaler like SYSCO or FSA, any pie made in a local joint has to taste better than from the pizza chains, using local made cheese would be cost prohibitive. why do you think there are hardly any pizza huts etc. in new york?

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      i must be crazy, then...the cheese just seems to taste more like milk there...but like i said, i must be crazy.

    2. Actually, I agree with the OP - In my case, I find that it's the sausage on pizza that sucks out here on the west coast. I guess those CA pigs ain't so happy either.
      Beside, it makes sense for SYSCO, etc. to have somewhat regional suppliers in order to keep their costs down (it costs a lot to hump those hams over the Rockies). Midwest probably gets Iowa pigs and Wisconsin cheese, West Coast gets everything from CA, etc. (sorry East Coast, closest I've lived to there is FL and I'm sure that really just doesn't count)

      (IMHO, generic Wisconsin cheese kicks all other generic cheeses collective butts.)

      1. If it's a mom and pop joint, they may be getting their goods from local suppliers instead of a SYSCO, which explains the difference. We have a pizzeria here in Raleigh that uses all local (and I think maybe organic) ingredients and maaaaaan can you tell the difference. It's like eating a whole new food!

        1. so i figured out what the difference was...whole milk mozzarella as opposed to the part skim stuff that most chains and high volume pizza places really does make sense though...can't believe it took me that long to figure it out...:o)