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Feb 6, 2008 02:47 PM

Anybody have a good recipe for spiced nuts?

I want something that everybody likes and gobbles up for cocktails before dinner. Any ideas?

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  1. These are from Union Square Cafe in NYC. They are easy and just wonderful:


    1 1/4 lb assorted unsalted nuts

    2 T rosemary chopped

    1/2 t cayenne

    2 t dark brown sugar

    2 t koser salt

    1 T melted butter

    - Preheat over to 350

    - Toss nuts and spread them out on a cookie sheet – toast about 10 minutes

    - In a large bowl, combine other ingredients

    - Toss warm nuts with butter mixture and serve warm

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    1. re: Tom P

      I have been making these Union Square nuts since the cookbook came out several years ago. It is my "go to" and most requested to bring to tailgates and autumn outdoor parties. If you put them in a pottery serving bowl they travel well and stay warm for quite a while.

      1. I love the spiced nuts with sugared bacon that was in the New York Times a few months ago. The spices are a little different (cardomon (sp), cumin, a bit of cinnamon and allspice, a few others). The spices go perfectly with the bacon. People go wild for this.

        Here's the link:

        1. This recipe for curried almonds is insanely easy and always a huge hit -- I've tried various curry powders and always go back to my favorite Chinese (mild but complex) curry powder (S&B).

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          1. re: Ruth Lafler

            i made curried cashews from the Joy of Cooking (i think) and these were also great!!

            Rosemary almonds...also good.

          2. Crunchy Vanilla Hazelnuts from a 2002 issue of Martha Stewart Living