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Help identifying a restaurant

My colleague is trying to remember a restaurant, and he is stumping me.

I've been drawing blanks for an hour or so.

He says it "looks like an egyptian palace, off of camelback, with high ceilings and gold."

I thought Macayo's on Central until he said high ceilings.

any longshot ideas?

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  1. Cheesecake Factory? (No, this is not a joke).

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      I was thinking the same thing....fresco ceilings!

    2. Or Greekfest @ 20th St, but the ceilings aren't really that high. Cheesecake Factory would be my first thought.

      1. Well he squashed all those right away. I even mentioned Marco Polo and he said no.

        Something by Scottsdale Fashion Square is info I just got.

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        1. What about Grand Lux Cafe, a spinoff from the owners of Cheesecake Factory that opened at Fashion Square a couple of months ago?

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            How long ago did this dining incident occur? It sounds like it might have been a while ago, or your colleague really shouldn't be driving.

            I would say Grand Lux...unless it was PF Changs before Grand Lux?

            Or the old Wolfgang Puck concept IndoChine in the Biltmore years ago...

          2. There's a run-down building that rings a bell around Camelback/16th (maybe a little West of there on the South side of the street)....IIRC, last time I drove by, it was a Chinese Buffet or something, but it didn't look to be open.

            Not much help...but that sticks in my mind because I remember thinking that particular building looked like it may have been something nice once upon a time.

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              Are we really *sure* about Camelback? If it were FLW & Scottsdale, I'd suggest maybe the Persian Room ...

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                Good lord, at least report what kind of food he ate there!!??!! And if he doesn't remember that, he shouldn't be driving OR eating!!

            2. Tuchetti?? Pre- My Big Fat Greek Rest???

              1. There was a place, long gone now, that was just east of the Scottsdale mall, south side of Camelback This is before the Nordstrom was put in, it was in that area of Camelback. Can't think of the name. I know, huge help! LOL Sorry

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                  Now that brings back a memory! That was a japanese restaurant in what I believe was originally a bank building, it might have been First Interstate Bank for a while.

                  1. re: AguasFrescas

                    Mikado!!! I used to go there ALL the time. Loved it! Learned a lot about sushi & Japanese food there.

                    Yuki-san was the sushi chef. He went back down to Tucson. Masa & Hiroshi Hosonuma (brothers) were also sushi chefs later. I think they went to various IchiBans but that was years ago. Masa used to do all kinds of kaiseki stuff for us there that was very cool.

                    I remember nasu (Japanese eggplant) agedashi which I don't see very often that was incredible, a great red miso, kind of a whitefish yuzu sashimi dish like Matsuhisa's/Nobu's toridito - but it was pre-Nobu even, a killer miso butterfish. So many good things.

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                      See, THIS is why I love the folks here at CH so much! Sush great recall!