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Feb 6, 2008 01:19 PM

Catereing Suggestions for SF

I'm planning to throw a couple's baby shower in SF next month and looking for good ideas for the food. Anyone have suggestions on caterering for a party of 30 in a private home? Where is a great place to get party platters? What's the price range for professional caterers? Any suggestions are helpful!

Thanks in Advance!

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  1. Do you know what type of food you would like? I have seen so many variations at baby showers, especially ones that are co-ed. Any rough idea would help me narrow down some suggestions!

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      The party will be in the afternoon so I was thinking lots of appetizers and other finger foods. As for cuisine, the mom and dad to be are open to all types of food.

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        Hmm, for quite heavy apps with a professional caterer, I usually spend around $30 a person, but you could do it much more inexpensively, and fairly simply at home with things you make or pick up. La Mediterreanee has great finger food platters with different middle eastern style bites, when I need protein I tend to do chicken satay skewers from any good thai restaurant. Sushi platters are fairly easy to order, though the time will narrow your options slightly (and you can get vegetarian options for the mom to be). I like to buy dim sum from Good Luck and resteam it at home, easy to do but then at least something feels hot and fresh. For anything in the afternoon, I like to make tea sandwiches, very easy to do but they always feel like a treat to me. Add some desserts and you have way more food than you would ever need. Of course, that is kind of a random sampling, if you are interested in one style more than another, or you live somewhere where those things are difficult to get to, people on this board seem to love a challenge!

    2. I love La Mediterranee. I second that rec.

      Whole Foods also has party platters. I really enjoyed their cheese and fruit platter.

      For something different, I ordered wraps and samosas from Chaat Cafe. Yum.

      Good luck!

      1. I suggest you call La Cocina Community Kitchen ( They have a number of catering businesses owned by women doing excellent Mexican, Salvadorean, soul food and pastries. Because they are start-ups their prices are reasonable. Also, BiRite Market on 18th St. does beautiful party trays.

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            That sounds like a great idea. I'll need to try this in the future. Thanks!

          2. The Bi-Rite grocery on 18th Street does a huge catering business, and everything they is very high quality. I've had mini-sandwiches, skewers, salads, sherry-poached shrimp, crabcakes...and everything was delicious. I would definitely check them out. You can find their catering menu online.

            I don't recommend La Mediterrane. I've lived here for 20 years, and I've tried to find decent food there many times. It's always mushy, bland, and uninspired. And it doesn't seem very fresh to me. I don't know anyone that eats there, and I've read some pretty harsch criticisms on this board about it. I realize it has some fans -- but there's no clear cut consensus. People either like it or despise it. And I wouldn't risk that for a baby shower.

            Go to Bi-Rite. You'll pay a bit more, but they use only the highest-quality, freshest ingredients and produce beautiful, delicious finger food.

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              I've never had any problems with La Mediterranee. I order from them every few months (box lunches and platters), and it has always been wonderful. Just my 2 cents.

              Regardless, have a great shower!

            2. Brazilian Cheese Bread Company has always had Brazilian food at their booth at farmers markets (I go to the Oakland grand lake one) and now they do catering. They have lots of appetizers. I had them provide the food for a girlfriend's birthday. I didn't want the full catering because it was a small party (25 people) and I thought since it was mostly appetizers, I could serve myself. At my party I had these beef empanadas, these cheese filled rolled pastries...some cheese platters and their cheese breads. It was very reasonably priced since I had them just drop off the food. I definitely recommend them