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Feb 6, 2008 12:40 PM

Valentine's dessert in Madison

Looking for chocolate/dessert on Valentine's Day (we're going to do our own seafood dinner at home this year).

Options so far:
Cocoliquot (not closed yet!)
Fresco -- Gail Ambrosius chocolate tasting for $22

Other ideas of good dessert places we should consider, perhaps for less than Fresco?

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  1. I am a sucker for Gail's chocolates. I moved away from the city months ago, live 200 metres from one of the most notable chocolatiers in town, and still dream about Gail's creations. However $22 for just dessert sounds a little bit steep, unless it for two or is paired with some primo booze. If I were you, I would buy her chocolate separately for much cheaper (from the boutique or at Steve's where you can get the booze for much cheaper than the resto as well) and do a home tasting myself. Blindfolds and playing the "where does this single origin come from" game cannot sound more naughtier.

    I am going to sound like a broken record (no they don't pay me, and I will perhaps never get to eat there again), but if you really want to go out you can check with Lombardino's to see if they have anything planned for the V day, or whether they could squeeze you in for just the dessert. Their dessert sampler sounds fit for the occasion: three miniature versions of their popular desserts. Their web site lists their regular menu, but they do tend to have special event menus on "those" days so it is a good idea to double check:

    I wasn't the biggest fan of Cocoliquot; my overpriced matcha bla bla fusion cake was dry at two times I tried it (what can I say, I heart matcha) and so I never went back. Perhaps many others didn't either, hence it is closing.

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      Thank you for the tip! I have yet to try Lombardino's but I PROMISE I will soon.

      We live on the east side and sample Gail's on a weekly basis. Last night after trudging through the inches and inches and inches of insane snow (miss Madison? yeah) my darling husband brought me some of her dark cocoa. Perfect.