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  1. I was in the area at the end of August, and the hasgacha situation for those two restaurants was not reliable enough for us. I do not recall what the situation was with Shari's. For Jerusalem Restaurant, the certifying rabbi was in Connecticut and he had a worker acting as the mashgiach. The Atlantic City Chabad website give you a phone number where you can get their take on the situation. http://www.chabadac.com/templates/art...
    The Ventor Pathmark has a small selection of kosher items, Empire packaged stuff as I recall.

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      I believe Shar's is now under Rabbi Gornisch from Brooklyn, he's definetly reliable

    2. I was at Shari's this past Sunday to have a nice dinner with my family. This restaurant is the only kosher one in Atlantic City. My experience was horrible: let's start with the prices and finish with the food. My salmon was so dry I had to put ketchup on it, my husband's ribs were so bad he could barely get them off the bone, my doaughter in law's soup was swimming in grease and her salad was pitiful. Never again! I strongly recommend never to visit this place.

      1. Hashgacha is O-K for Jerusalem Restaurant with machgiach tmidi, contact Rabbi Levy at OK (718) 756-7500. Jerusalem Restaurant has a very friendly atmosphere with tasty food and matz ball soup to die for. As for sharis, they lost their star-K priveleges due to some dairy incident. The manager Moish is very rude and service was terrible.

        1. There is a new Pizza/Falafel place called Shalom Pita located at 6514 Ventnor Ave. Ventnor NJ 08406. 609-385-4785. Its open in the sommer months. Cholov Yisroel Hashkacha.

          1. This place is horriffic: inexcusably overpriced with shockingly poor cuisine. The restaurant is "decorated" in what looks like early 1980's thrift shop furniture and there is little attention paid to anything except making a profit. Sample: hotdogs on the "kid's menu" are 9 dollars. Schnitzel is $29.00. We ordered the cigars ($8.00) and they tasted as though they had been defrosted from a box. Felafel ($8.00) was 8 balls on a plate with a tiny disposable plastic container of thin tehina. Matza ball soup ($6.00) was thin and matza balls were clearly from a mix. To add insult to injury there is a mandatory 18% tip for service. Save yourself the aggravation and avoid this dump.

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              Since you replied to the original post that mentions more than one restaurant, no one knows which restaurant to avoid.

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                I should have been clear: the horriffic restaurant I reviewed above is Jerusalem in Ventnor.

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                  agreed. The place is filthy and the food leaves a lot to be desired. How is the new pizza place?

            2. Anyone have any more recent info on Atlantic City options? Shari's and Shalom Pita list the same address. Is Shari's gone? Last post with any updates was almost a year ago.

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                don't know about Shari's but Shalom Pita and Jerusalem are still there and there is a new dairy place Aroma next to Jerusalem that should be opening in about a week. I was at Shalom Pita this weekend, food is good but takes time if they're busy.

                1. re: pitagirl

                  Cherry Grill in Cherry Hill now delivers to AC and other shore points on Fridays. Order a lot and eat great your entire stay:) http://www.cherrygrill.com/cherrygril...

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                  Was there a few weeks ago...Shari's is closed...ate at Jerusalem--the food was a little pricey but VERY good (as was the service) --there is a new dairy place about to open a few blocks away from Jerusalem...

                3. There is this NEW place that just opened in Margate (about 10 min from the hotels) and is AMAZING.
                  It's called Burgers.Org (org for organic) - they have amazing sandwiches, burgers, salads, etc.
                  They are located at 8409 Ventnor Ave. in Margate, NJ - certified glatt kosher under Philly hashgacha
                  Here's the link to their website: burgerorg.com

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                    Just a note, despite the name nothing at Burger.org is organic, at least the Philly locations.

                    1. re: barryg

                      The original burger.org was organic. When they switched to kosher, they dropped the organic.

                      1. re: DeisCane

                        The origional location was still organic as of this afternoon - I asked while picking up dinner:)

                        1. re: Prettypoodle

                          Weird, the one on Chestnut is not... at least thats what they told me when I asked. Seems odd that they would source different meats for the different locations.

                          1. re: barryg

                            That's what I was basing my comment on.

                            1. re: barryg

                              I have yet to get to the Chestnut street one, bu this is what I was told on South Street..

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                                What's interesting is that there are two websites. One from what I gather is the original place and one from what appears to be the current one. The original one is plastered with the word, "organic" but doesn't have the word, "kosher" anywhere. And vice versa on the current one.


                                1. re: DeisCane

                                  The "new" one doesn't have any locations besides South St either, even though they've opened three more. I wouldn't trust anything on either site as being current. They're Facebook page is bare.

                                  As a side rant, this kind of thing--inability to find reliable current information, menus, etc--is all too common with kosher restaurants.

                                  As for PrettyPoodle's experience yesterday on South St--I would lean towards the employee answering her question being uninformed and that they are not organic. But maybe I'm wrong. The paper menu I have from Chestnut St says "Our meat does not contain any Antibiotic [sic], Artificial Ingredients and no Preservatives." Pretty clear that the meat is not organic, or they'd print it there.

                            2. re: Prettypoodle

                              Was at the South St location last week - the paper menu at the counter did not seem to have the word "Organic" on it. Lamb burger was fabulous (as usual). Anyone know if they decided on Margate instead of Cherry Hill or in addition to Cherry Hill, where they have a storefront with their banner, but nothing else?

                              1. re: Arinoam

                                THe windows and one wall of the SS location BOTH say ORGANIC - at least they did this past Sunday.
                                Cherry Hill is comming - someday. They were not real helpful with info on that loction when I aksed.:(

                                1. re: Prettypoodle

                                  Yea the windows and wall were painted with ORGANIC when they first opened (as organic, not kosher). My cynical side says they changed the menu but haven't changed the walls which might be why the counterperson said they were organic when the food may not be... honestly even before they went kosher, I had doubts that every ingredient they used was organic as claimed, due to the way the place was run. Just being cynical, maybe I'm wrong and they are in fact glatt and organic on South St but not the other locations. At this point the only straight answer may come from the mashgiach.