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Feb 6, 2008 12:06 PM

Pancakes at Pamela's in Pittsburgh

A friend took me to breakfast at Pamela's in pittsburgh a few months ago. They served the best pancakes I've ever had- they were large in diameter, but really thin. Almost like a thick crepe but definitely a pancake consistency. They were really buttery and delicious- does anyone have the recipe?

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  1. Ahh-- if only we could get the recipe! We go to Pamela's about twice a year to feed our love of the pancakes there. Glad you enjoyed them!

    1. I keep thinking they have buckwheat in them. No recipe, though. Sorry.

      1. Don't have a recipe, but I have seen the pancakes made on the grill. They are literally floated on liquid shortening. Delicious, buttery, but be aware...

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          I believe that! They certainly taste like they're infused with butter.