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Feb 6, 2008 11:38 AM

Good Eats near Devil's Tower, Mt Rushmore?

We are planning a trip that will take us from Denver (flying in) through Nebraska to Mt Rushmore, the Badlands, Yellowstone and Devil's Tower.

We'll have 2 kids with us, an 8 year old carnivore and an 11 year old vegetarian (She's not picky though) ...any recommendations for good local places in any of the above areas would be very welcome! Trying to avoid the chains and sample the stuff you can't get elsewhere, or just really good food. Thanks!

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    1. The Lazy Y Steakhouse and Dally Lounge is about 9 miles from Devil's Tower. They have great enchiladas and steaks. Real authentic Western dining. Haven't been there in a couple years, hope they are still going strong.
      In Sundance, the Aro Restaurant is basic, if decent. Try Higbee's for breakfast.mmmmmm. Say 'hello' to beautiful Sundance Mountain for me!!

      1. Forget it. Your in a culinary disaster area.

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          Rapid City probably offers the best options. Corn Exchange is the best in town. The restaurant at Mt Rushmore right not be totally Chowish, but the view is unbeatable. Firehouse Brewing Co isn't bad. Lot's of "family restauants, which aren't even good for families, and lots of chains.