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Oct 31, 2001 03:04 PM

Searching for Thai markets...

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Any suggestions for good Thai/Asian markets, especially closer to the Westside/South Bay areas?

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  1. Only thing on the Westside is a Japanese market. See link to earlier discussion below.

    There are a couple of Chinese markets in the South Bay. 99 Ranch Mkt. is on Artesia Bl. west of Vermont. Another Chinese or Vietnamese market is at 15709 Crenshaw in Gardena.

    Closest Thai markets are in Hollywood.


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    1. re: Chandavkl

      Thanks. Have any recommendations for a favorite Thai market in Hollywood?

      1. re: Jeff Shore

        I'm sure there's a lot of Thai markets on Hollywood Blvd, or Thai Town. While I don't have a favorite, I spent this past Sunday hopping from market to market in that area looking for Kaffir Lime Leaves. Unfortunately, they were not marked as such when I did find it by asking the produce guy.

        Now if I can find a source for galagal...

        1. re: Panoz
          R Gould-Saltman

          A passing, off-topic thought for this thread:

          "I spent this past Sunday hopping from market to market in that area looking for Kaffir Lime Leaves"

          I'm not usually a stickler for anything that might be termed "P.C.", but "Kaffir" really is a term absolutely laced with racism; it was the inclusive Brit/Germanic empires' days' term for local people other than Caucasians. My 1980 Webster's New World
          says that it is "regarded as contemptuous". Cook-books have started revising or deleting the reference; I hope that we will too.

          I appreciate that "Kaffir Lime" was a "traditional term", but this is, frankly, little excuse; there was a time when in parts of the U.S., un-shelled Brazil nuts were traditionally referred to as "Nigger-toes", and I can't imagine anyone wanting to hang onto that "traditional name".

          Richard Gould-Saltman

          1. re: R Gould-Saltman

            So what is the correct terminology for this? I'm sure no harm was meant in using this term...even I was unfamiliar to the roots of the name. Now I am afraid to use it.

            1. re: PHILLIS

              I imagine that if you asked for Thai or Indonesian lime leaves, you would receive a blank look...

              I own a fairly exhaustive collection of Thai and Indonesian cookbooks, and, down to the last one, they call for Kaffir lime leaves where this ingredient is required. (Also, the one greenhouse in the U.S. that cultivates these lime trees--and several well-known Thai and Indonesian cookbook authors who maintain Web sites devoted to their cuisine--refer to these trees as Kaffir limes.)

              So I don't think you have anything to worry about if you make a request for the leaves with this allegedly pejorative term. The PC police force is pretty small for this one.

              1. re: Sam Stevens
                Richard Gould-Saltman

                Didn't mean to be the PC police, but someone called me on this one, and I wanted to avoid offending anyone else. The people most likely to be offended are not Thais running Thai grocery satores, but people from the southern end of Africa, where the term is still clearly perjorative.

                As to alternative names, The Thai name is Bai Makrut (I've also seen it Anglicized as Bai Ma Gruud) or the scientific name Citrus hystrix. Cook's Thesaurus website gives me the following: "kaffir lime leaf = makroot leaf = makrut lime leaf = magrood leaf =daun jeruk purut= daun limau purut = bai makrut = Indonesian lime leaves".


                1. re: Richard Gould-Saltman

                  Richard, could you post a link to the cook's thesaurus, it seems like a good reference...

                  1. re: tanyal
                    Richard Gould-Saltman

                    Here 'tis

                    COOK'S THESAURUS


        2. re: Jeff Shore

          You asked about Thai markets in Hollywood. The two on the strip of Hollywood Blvd. called Thai Town are Bangluck and the SILOM MARKET on the ground floor of the Thailand Plaza mall. Bangluck is maybe a bit smaller, but paradoxically probably has more stuff. I like it better. They have some live fish, some fish on ice, meat, poultry, frozen stuff, fresh produce, including kaffir lime leaves and galangal, and lots of condiments, canned foods, dried foods, rice, cookware, etc. Both have basically the same stuff, but like I said I prefer Bangluck.

          SILOM MARKET, INC. 5321 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood CA 90027 (323) 993-9000 near Serrano. Bangluck is on Hollywood and Kingsley. One other nice thing about Bangluck is Sanumluang next door. Excellent Thai noodles with a nice outdoor patio open until 4AM daily. BANGLUCK MARKET, INC. 5170 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood CA 90027(323) 660-8000

          Also across the street I really like the Thai desserts at * KANOM THAI RAM 2 - 5185 Hollywood Blvd.,Hollywood, CA 90027
          (323) 667-2055. Anyone else know any good Thai dessert places?

          You can check the link below. It's pretty useful to locate places if not to tell you their quality.