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Feb 6, 2008 11:27 AM

Interesting Sunday breakfast near the Zoo?

B'more hound staying Sat. night at the Marriott Wardman Park, near the Woodley/Zoo metro stop. Any suggestions for a good place for brunch or breakfast the following morning, walking distance from the hotel?

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  1. Head up to Cleveland Park and grab brunch at Ardeo. The other option is Open City, right around the corner from your hotel. But that place becomes a mad house on the weekends, so going early (prior to 10am) is probably your best bet.

    If you are willing to walk a bit away from the zoo I would go to Bourbon or New Orleans Cafe on 18th St in Adams Morgan.

    1. i would suggest napoleon bistro in adams morgan or even cashion's eat place, a bit of a dc institution with a yummy brunch. i'm not a fan of open city. ardeo could be good though, i've never been.

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        I totally forgot about Cashion's. Their french toast is delicious! Ardeo has a great brunch and I heard they are starting an all you can drink campagne special.

      2. I would skip Open City; it's very overrated. You can try out Deluxe, which has brunch and lunch options. Also, Cactus Catina has a pretty decent brunch and it's a slighty rowdy atmosphere, which might get you in the mood for the zoo.