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Feb 6, 2008 11:21 AM

Ten Steak and Sushi Providence

I am taking my husband to Ten Steak and Sushi this weekend for his birthday. It has been a favorite of ours, but we haven't been there in a good three months. Someone mentioned that they were there last weekend and had an awful meal. Sushi was not fresh, service was bad. Anyone have any recent experiences, hopefully better??

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  1. A colleague asked to be accompanied to this location for lunch a week ago and it was OK. The restaurant can improve on the "Sushi" part of the equation. There are other locales serving better steak or better sushi but I will hand it to them in trying to mix both. Ambiance and drinks are as good as opening day. If both of you do not demand in your lives the perfect slice of toro (or know the difference) go for it. If you both only consume the steak, go for it. If you both love the California roll, go for it. BUT...If you want a Kobe steak smothered in shiso sauce served with a side of wasabi mashed potatoes, and washed down with your Junmai Ginjo ...look further afield.