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Feb 6, 2008 11:08 AM

Has anyone tried Rise Number 1 ?

Has anyone tried Rise Number 1, the souffle restaurant in Inwood Village?

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  1. Went yesterday. Had one of the specials: fois gras souffle with some balsamic-caramelized pear on top. Not really sure how they got it to rise, considering it had fois in it, but it was great. Also had some selections from the cheese board. Nice variety. Wine list is broken down by flights, and you can buy a flight, a glass or a taste.

    It has an open kitchen with a big 8-top "chef's table" right in front (but not too close).

    Only complaint was that they didn't offer me a black napkin (a personal pet peeve).

    Also, it's open all day.

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      Ooh, wish that had been the special when I went ... it was crab, which I had. It was my least favorite of the things I had ... the marshmallow soup (carrot and I think spinach with 3 marshmallow-like cheese souffles) was great, as was the bread pudding dessert souffle. Tasted the artichoke & it was pretty nice too ...

      I also loved all the restaurants "green" touches & unique atmosphere ... love her philosophy. Also knowledgable friendly service ... will def. go back. I also want to buy some of the napkins/towels ...

      1. We had the french onion soup, which was pretty good....just the right amount of cheese, seasoning and onion. I had the crab souffle, which was also excellent. Sitting at the bar was a treat, since we get to see the chefs whip up each order.

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          We went last night it was fantastic. We had the escargot souffle the onion soup and the crab souffle every bite was just outstanding. We can't wait to go back. Also the service was very good and we loved the decor.

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          1. Yes, it is fantastic, even came with a french speaking hostess! We got lucky and went one sunday afternoon between lunch and dinner crowd, otherwise there will be a wait. Had 3 different types of souffle, all tasting different, onion soup was very good. Offered french press coffee, very good. Enjoyed all the extra details in stem ware, etc..., must check out the gravity toilet, very cool.