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Feb 6, 2008 10:56 AM

HELP....I need a place to eat before a show @ Keswick

Can anyone help out with a place to eat before a show @ the keswick theat

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  1. There's the Keswick Tavern and Plush right across the street. Both are pretty casual pub/bar food with some pretty safe American entree choices. Nothing spectacular, but nothing really bad about them, either.

    If you willing to eat somewhere a short drive from the theater, you might want to try the West Avenue Grille in Jenkintown. Five of us went there for a friend's birthday dinner about a month ago and we all enjoyed it. We shared the hummus plate for a starter and I had the mandarin chicken salad (I think that's what it is called). It was very good. Others had the butternut squash ravioli & the salmon and both were good. Its about a 5-10 min drive from the theater, though.

    1. There's a very good Greek byob right across the street from the theater. Can't remember the name. Anyone?

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        Athena.... I love that place. Good standard greek food, reasonable prices, BYO. Walking distance to the theater.

      2. Thank you Ambergrl and Sharpie and janR. this helps BIG time , since Ive never been to the keswick and Im coming from Jersey