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Oct 30, 2001 09:58 PM

cheap thai in the west la, bev hills area?

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Is there any cheap but good thai in the bev hills, westwood, west la areas?

Specifically, I'm looding for a quick lunch-type place where you just pick up your food at the counter.

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  1. Tuk Tuk on Pico near Robertson has very good green curry and a variety of lunch specials for $6.95 that include salad or egg roll.

    The food is quite good and the ambience so pleasant, you would probably enjoy eating at a table rather than doing take-out.

    More expensive, (and the subject of some debate among other Chowhounds on this board), is Cafe Talesai, on Olympic near Doheny.

    For my money, I think it's terrific and I especially love their Thai latkes and another wonderfully crispy appetizer that my addlepated mind cannot at this moment recall the name of.

    1. Nitaya Thai - 281 S. Robertson between Olympic and Wilshire, has "servicable" food including lunch specials starting at $3.99. I would agree with the earlier poster, though - spend a little more time (and a little more money) and go to Tuk Tuk. Try the papaya salad.

      1. Try Natalee Thai on Robertson Blvd./ Olympic in the mini mall.They are proficient in getting a to-go order ready and also have counter seating.You have to read the menu and familiarize yourself with the descriptions. A dish similiar to Kung-Pao chicken is renamed "Nutty chicken". Try the Pad-thai and Monsoon Noodles.