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Feb 6, 2008 10:12 AM

What is in the 18 k-cup Keurig variety pack

Can anyone please list what is in the 18 k-cup variety pack that comes with Keurig brewers? Specifically I'm wondering what brand the Kona cup is. I went through the box and made the mistake of not writing down the brands/types before trying them. Thanks a million!

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  1. How about checking out ? I have a 27 cup variety pack on the shelf and there are about 7 different coffees in there.

    1. Heh, I got it in my head that it would be easy because only one or two of the companies make a Kona, but I was wrong. Green Mountain, Tully's, Timothy's and Coffee People all package Kona blends into K-cups. Argh! I can tell you though, our coffee drinker here had the Tully's in the house recently and wasn't impressed. If I had to choose from those based on past 2nd hand experiences with other varieties from all those brands, I would get the Coffee People. :-) But that isn't a direct answer to your question. They don't seem to advertise the varieties and indeed may change them out every so often. Might not even be the same box to box!

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        Thanks! You're probably right about them swapping them out from box to box because I have looked everywhere for a list (even ebay, where folks will usually detail out to that level) and can't find it. I suspect the Kona was Timothy's, but I'm hesitant to order that because I've got three other varieties of Timothy's at home (decaf Colombien, Cinnamon Pastry, and decaf Hazelnut) at home right now and don't care for any of them.

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          One thing I discovered on the Keurig site is that you can order 5-packs of many (all?) of the coffees, so that could be one way to try them without committing to a full box. I don't know how much they rip you for shipping on those, but 5-packs are $2.95, and it looks like they offer these trial boxes of most every K-cup variety there is. May help in sorting out favorites if you don't want to spring for a whole box. Although, whole boxes of 25 go for right around $10 at various sites; we use

          I can only offer 2nd hand help with coffee suggestions since I don't drink it. (And even then, everyone's taste is different.) The Green Mountain seasonal Wicked Winter Blend was a recent hit in the house, though, that I know for sure. Also, we have a B60, and the brew size used for just about everything is the medium one 7.25oz (the smaller one on the newer B50). Having the 5.25oz size is nice; we rarely seem to use the 9.25oz and trying this will probably make your coffee too weak, even the "extra bold" cups. (Extra bold says nothing about the coffee style; this is K-cup terminology for "We put more of the coffee in there.")

          1. re: CrazyOne

            THe trial packs on aren't so bad - there's free shipping after $50, and I wanted a carousel, so I almost went that route. I ended up ordering from Big Cat Coffee though - they have a lot more of the decaf varieties and flavors than keurig, which is surprising because I thought keurig would carry all of the varieties. What I ended up doing is about the least cost effective possible - I spent almost $40 with shipping which is 1/3 higher than buying boxes. But, like I said, I haven't found a coffee I love yet, so it will be worth it to try everything out. I did get the Wicked Winter Blend, so hopefully that'll be great - it has fantastic reviews on Amazon. I have a B60 as well and only use the medium setting. I just had a baby, so i have been limited to decafs all this time - haven't found a single one with decent flavor - Emeril is the best so far, but I've ordered Newman's which has good ratings. The Kona I'm seeking is the only truly excellent cup I have had and that was of course not decaf.

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              Thanks for the Big Cat rec, might have to try that one. Like that build your own box feature. Pretty much same price as 5-packs at Keurig (build your own costs $14.95, which I couldn't seem to find out until creating an account, making a box and putting it into my cart) but way better prices on full boxes.

      2. I just opened mine and have tried, Colombian La Vereda (Timony's), French Roast (Diebrich) which I really liked and ordered two box's from Amazon (free shipping if you spend $25, but of course two box's are only $20, but that's OK as I always manage to find something else that I want), and the third was Italian (Timony's). They were all good, but I really liked the dark roast. I wish they came as a variety pack with all coffee instead of tea,etc.

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        1. re: Mother of four

          If you like a robust coffee, try the Kenya AA from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (they actually own Keurig).

        2. ap1994, try the Newman's Own! (extra bold)

          The decaf is by far the best tasting decaf coffee I've ever tried, and the regular is good too.

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          1. re: sweet100s

            Thanks - just ordered that Newman's - should be here tomorrow!

            1. re: ap1994

              Let me know how you like it!

              It has the unique combination of
              - being "Extra Bold" tasting with a lot of depth,
              - NOT tasting burnt at all, which I hate in coffee
              - plus not having any weird flavoring added (hazelnut)

              It just tastes like really rich good oily coffee.

              Of the 3 coffeemakers I have:
              Technivorm MoccaMaster KBTS 741 (regular)
              Keurig B-70 (k-cup)
              Bunn MyCafe (pod)

              My fave is the Newman's Own Extra bold from the Keurig.

              1. re: sweet100s

                Ok, so I bought 15 new varieties, so I haven't made it over to the Newman's yet. I have changed my settings so now I brew all of my cups on the smallest instead of the medium, and the coffees have been better (not sure if that's because of size/strength or if I'm starting to pick coffees closer to my taste). today I'm having the Winter Wicked Blend - I'm a big fan. I've also tried GJ's Winter (not so good) GJ's Holiday Cheer (pretty good) and GJ's decaf butter toffee (very good). So, definitely making some progress. I have two Konas and the Newmans lined up next. Can't wait. Wish I could have more than one cup a day right now to try them all!!

                1. re: sweet100s

                  LOVE the newman's - thanks for the rec. Also got Gloria Jean's special blend decaf and butter toffee decaf - both are good. I'm brewing everything on the smallest setting now, that seems to help as well.

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