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Feb 6, 2008 10:12 AM

Japanese lunch in Culver City/Palms

Any suggestions for places w/ good lunch specials? Doesn't have to be sushi. And not Miyako or Sushi Karen or Yokohama.

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    1. re: Obessed

      Word on Beacon. Good recc. Thanks.

    2. Try K-Zo next to Trader Joe's on Culver.

      1. If your looking for casual Mitsuka (sp) Market on Centinela and Venice blvd has a food court.

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        1. re: potofood

          Matsuwa Market, Santouka Ramen, yummy!

          1. re: potofood

            Very good, but most definitely not in Culver City. Closer to Santa Monica.

          2. High end expensive and awsome sushi: Sushi Zo.

            Kaizuka on Culver: rolls and the like, also typical cooked items.
            Sushi Mashiko on Jefferson in the Ralph's shopping center: go for the cooked items, I didn't care for their raw fish even tho lots of people go there for sushi all the time.
            Sakura on Centinela: haven't been myself, but I think it's gotten some good reviews here.
            Sushi Academy on Centinela if they are still doing the sushi lunches.

            Definitely agree /w the Santouka rec.

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            1. re: slacker

              Is the Sushi Academy still on Centinela? I thought it moved somewhere? Or did it move to that location?

              1. re: PandanExpress

                they're not on centinela near short any more.

              2. I love Sakura on Centinela.So fresh.The seared Ono --you must try.Don't think they are open for lunch.