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Feb 6, 2008 10:07 AM

Disappointing Sazerac at Sazerac (Seattle)

As a huge fan of the Sazerac, I was excited to try a restaurant named after the drink. Alas, the bartender made me one of the worst Sazeracs I've ever had: shaken to death, served up in a martini glass, sickly sweet with way too much sugar, barely a dash of Peychaud's, and served with a lemon twist floating in the drink... I attempted to politely point out to the bartender that this wasn't exactly the traditional way to prepare the drink, and she angrily replied that there are "lots of ways to make it." I'm not so sure of that :-)

Anyway, I just wanted to share my experience in case anyone else is looking for a proper Sazerac in Seattle. IMNSHO, this is one to avoid...

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  1. you might have better luck a few blocks away at Vessel...BTW i like your Marconi Wireless (Union in Seattle has a version which substitutes maple syrup for Vya, but yours sounds more interesting). Sazerac (the restaurant) is disappointing foodwise as well (and their "signature" tarragon sorbet drink is pretty undrinkable imo)

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      Thanks for the tip! I'm here just one more night, so I'll try to hit Vessel and get a proper drink... The maple syrup Marconi Wireless certainly sounds interesting; perhaps it could get a bit more depth with the addition of a drop or two of cinnamon extract? The heavy cinnamon flavor is one of the reasons I really like Vya, especially in the winter...

      1. re: davis_sq_pro

        Yes, Union uses whiskey barrel bitters which have a lot of cinnamon/spice flavor. Vessel takes their mixology seriously (check out their drink list) and tends to avoid the overly sweet (although one of their signature drinks does have maple syrup foam). They can probably substitute Carpano Antica for Vya too if you ask, and have many different bitters and other more obscure items. On a level with 9 Park imo.

        1. re: barleywino

          Don't be afraid of the Vessel 75 with its maple foam. It only sounds sweet - it doesn't taste sweet.

          Trust me, I run screaming from sweet cocktails :)

          1. re: Lauren

            I agree on the Vessel 75. personally i actually enjoy some sweetness in my drinks...especially when balanced against some bitter/herbal notes (like amaro) or umami richness (like some sakes)

            1. re: barleywino

              Well I made it to Vessel last night and sampled the Vessel 75. Really, really good! The foam gave the drink a nice creaminess -- definitely not something to fear!

              After the drink there we went to Steelhead Diner for dinner, and I took it as a sign when I noticed a Sazerac on the cocktail menu. It was definitely a much, much better rendition of the drink than I had had earlier in the week. Served in the proper glass (a small Old Fashioned), plenty of Peychaud's, and just a touch of sugar, so it wasn't at all cloying. Plus, the food there was excellent (tried the whole, flash-fried catfish -- wow).

              Thanks again for the tips!

              1. re: davis_sq_pro

                thanks for reporting back-- so few people do!

                1. re: davis_sq_pro

                  I'm glad you liked the Vessel 75. And I totally forgot about the Sazerac at Steelhead. Thanks for reminding me!

      2. Best Sazerac I've had was at the Palace Kitchen. Female bartender, from Alaska, don't remember her name. She had to look up the recipie, but she nailed it. They had the proper ingrediants as well.