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Feb 6, 2008 10:03 AM

Pitta Souvli - Chandler, AZ

My latest favorite neighborhood joint! It suffers from a horrible location in a S. Chandler strip mall, as if that weren't horrible enough on it's own, on the NWC of Alma School and Germann. It's really hard to find, tucked away in the Mountainside Fitness Plaza towards the far west corner. But once you get there, it's pretty cute, with 10 or so tables inside, a granite bar with a few stools in the back, and a little fenced off patio area with lights and ivy. I like that they offer regular table service as opposed to the fast casual model/ order at the counter/QSR, whatever you want to call it. The menu features the usual Mediterranean faves, your Hummus, BabaG, Souvlaki, etc, all of which are solid. My routine is to start with the Black Bean Hummus ($3.80), delicious thanks to it's creamy texture, unexpected flavor combo, and abundant pita bread it comes with. From there I like the Tabbouleh($6.50), Lentil Salad($7.50) or Horiatiki Salad($8), depending on my mood. All three are great, you can tell they're made with quality olive oil, and fresh herbs and veggies. Usually that fills me up, but I have tried the Gyros and Chicken Souvlaki, and both were great, though I liked the chicken better. It was perfectly cooked, slightly charred on the outside but moist inside. I ordered the gyros to go and they were cold by the time I got home so I will wait to pass judgement on those. Another time I ordered the Grilled Halloumi appetizer at the owner's recommendation but it was a slight let down- only 5 or so smallish pieces of cheese and so simple that I felt I could've made it at home. Still good flavor, but not something I'll go for again. I haven't been to Spices on McClintock, but I have tried Chef H and Dooby's and Pitta Souvli definitely held it's ground against these spots. In my handful of lunch and dinner visits, it has yet to be more than 50% full, so I hope more people find it before they go out of business and I have to revert to Daphne's for my short haul hummus cravings.

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    Pitta Souvli
    1940 S Alma School Rd Ste 5, Chandler, AZ 85286

    1. Thanks for the review...I've seen this place when I've driven down to my parents and wondered.

      Definitely give Spices a try. It's my favorite in this area by far. Fantastic everything but particularly the hummous and the chicken schwarma. Skip the gyro.

      Gyro Express at Dobson/Chandler also serves a great gyro(this is the reason to go there) for $5.

      1. Pitta Souvli is amazing - the folks at Cactus Bike next door suggested we eat while we waited for a minor repair. Taking their advice was the best decision - the restaurant in clean, the ambiance is relaxed and the food is amazing. The owners - Jamie and George...along with the rest of the family and staff are a lot of fun, plus J & G always come to the table to see if your meal was good...You can never go wrong with the Lentil Salad, Greek Salad; even the burgers are great! It may be off the beaten path, but more than worth the adventure!!! Enjoy!

        1. This place has a nice happy hour, 50% off drinks and most apps.

          I went in two weeks ago and had the Greek Nachos(Tortilla chips topped with our Black Bean hummus melt, tomatoes, feta, olives and tzatziki) and the Dolmades. Good and filling, I had some of the stuffed grape leaves left over. The nachos were very good, the black bean hummus melt is very tasty. Took some jalapeno hummus home for my wife, it was fantastic.

          Went back on mother's day. We had some guacummus, avacado hummus, spanakopita, and a greek burger. All of it was good. I found the burger very enjoyable. the meat was nice and firm with just a hint of grill flavor. The feta and tzatziki added nice flavor. It was very satisfying.

          1. This place is head-and-shoulders above any other Greek/Mediterranean food I've had in the Valley. Everything is fresh and flavorful, perfectly cooked, no ridiculous portions-in-lieu-of-quality, the chef comes out and talks to your table individually, great happy hour...anything else? Well, if you find places like Daphne's and My Big Fat Greek Restaurant acceptable, we might just have different palettes. If you like beautifully crafted, fresh and authentic food (among the American favorites), you must make the effort and try this place. Let's not let another fantastic Valley restaurant fail because we're too lazy to drive past the cluster of crap-tastic chains!
            Try it!

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              I will go ahead and try as it is near my office with one caveat: it must be way better than My Big Fat Horrible Greek Joke of a Restaurant. I've never been to Daphne's, but am not inclined.

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                It is way better! And cheaper too. And they don't yell opa when you walk in the door

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                  Daphne's is barely acceptable food-court Greek food. I'll eat it before I go to My Big Fat Greek, but just about any other option is better than both of them.