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Where to buy chinese sausages?

I've got a recipe that calls for chinese sausages. I'm not sure what they are....and where to buy them. Can anyone help? Thanks much.

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  1. Sin Ba La.
    651 W Duarte Road, Ste F
    (626) 446-0886

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      Sinbala is definately the place to go for Chinese sausages. There is also a location in Rowland Heights but I can only vouch for the Arcadia location. The sausages are pork if that info is needed.

    2. Almost any Chinese or general Asian market will have them. They're usually labelled Chinese sausages, so they're hard to miss.

      1. Chinese sausages come in different types: pork, duck liver, etc. If your recipe doesn't call for a specific type of Chinese sausage, I'd recommend choosing a pork version.

        1. I think the OP is asking for a market to buy chinese sausages, not a restaurant to order them.
          Also, Sin Ba La serves a certain type of taiwanese sausage that's meant to be eaten as is, rather than the generic chinese sausage (Lap Cheung) that is used in a lot of chinese cooking.

          Anyway, the answer is that any 99 ranch or asian supermarket will have it. As someone else posted, there are usually a couple kinds. One will be made of pork and duck liver and is quite lean (i really like this one). The best one for use in recipes will be the basic pork version. There will probably be several brands to choose from. I have no particular recommendations there. Just play roulette and grab one!

          1. Any Chinese supermarket will have them. They are usually in cold cases and shrink wrapped packages. You can also buy chicken sausage, in addition to the regular pork sausage.

            Lately we've been careful in choosing only Canadian made sausages.

            1. I've seen them at Bang Luk market on Reseda Blvd in Reseda.

              1. Thanks everybody. I'm going to head to the 99 Ranch Market in Van Nuys. I've been reading posts about those markets, so I'm looking forward to checking it out. Just FYI--during my search, I e-mailed Bristol Farms (the one at Beverly & Doheny). The manager was nice enough to respond to say that his store didn't carry them, but he sent me a description of what Chinese sausages are...and a mention of other sausages I could substitute. I was impressed by that level of customer service.

                1. My favorite brand is Kam Yen Jan which can be found at 99 Ranch Markets. Chinese sausage (lop cheong) is kind of sweet and fatty sort of like thin Chinese salami. Some take out dim sum places serve lop cheong bao a version of a Chinese hot dog. I just bought some in LA Chinatown at Wing Hop Fung on Broadway for $3.25 a pack recently. Freezes well too.

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                    Have to make a correction. I bought the packaged sausages at Wing Hop Fung in Chinatown across from Lucky Deli on Broadway...not the baos. One of the places where I bought those baos was at Hong Kong Low which is now closed for business.

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                      I agree that Kam Yen Jan brand is a good choice. I've tried others, but keep coming back to this brand. They keep well.


                    2. Sin Ba La is the best place to get Taiwanese sausages, but if OP is looking for Cantonese style "lop cheong", then my friend told me a place to get fresh "lop cheong" and "la roh" (cured pork). It's in the Shun Fat Supermarket plaza on Atlantic Blvd; around the corner from Yum Cha Cafe. Don't know the name but it's a Cantonese BBQ place facing the parking lot. My friend claims this is the best place to get them.

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                        Oh good! I/ve been looking for another place to buy fresh lop cheong and lop yuk (dried pork belly) ever since United Poultry closed down a while back. Now I need to find a place that has fresh lop op (dried duck). Need to take another trip to Monterey Park to see what they have.

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                          sweet! thanks for the info. gonna pick some fresh sausage up this weekend. mmm!