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Feb 6, 2008 09:32 AM

Best Cappuccino?

Mark's Cafe in Takoma Park has a very nice cappaccino. It tastes like the milk is poured from a glass bottle. Any other good cappaccinos (coffee/lattes) you suggest?

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  1. the classic cappuchino at either of the murky locations is amazing.

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    1. re: kneelconqueso

      I must warn you, I'm picky when it comes to coffee. I've only had 1 cup of decent latte at Murky's Clarendon. I know the OP is asking about cappuccino, but the beans used the last couple of times I've been to Murky's just tasted rancid. I just get more disappointed every time I go. Even my mom said her latte tasted like fish. But, that's not to say that it'll be your experience.

      People like Misha's in Old Town Alexandria, but I found the espresso barely there (with lukewarm soy). Same experience with Stacy's in Falls Church, but the soy was heated better here.

      Buzz off of Slater's Lane in Alexandria (near Old Town) was ok, but the Illy tasted watered-down.

      Greenberry's in Rosslyn was really nice and smooth in both espresso & milk.

      St. Elmo in Del Ray makes a good cup of latte too.

      Ebenezer's near Union Station in NE DC can make a decent latte, but I've only been there twice and it was a hit the first time, but a miss the second time.

      I know I can ask for the milk extra hot, but I feel like I shouldn't have to. The coffee shop I discovered when visiting NYC made my latte perfectly without asking: bold, rich flavor with smooth, nicely heated hot soy.

      I'm just missing some magic here. :(

      1. re: orangemix

        thats really weird. i've never had a bad cap at murky. they get their beans from the acclaimed counter culture coffee in durham, and they don't sell or brew beans that are older than 2 weeks.

        i've never been anywhere else in dc that properly steams milk. everywhere else seems to give you that same terrible bubble-less milk with the sea-foam crap on top. at murky the baristas really know how to make it nice and velvety and smooth.

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      1. Tryst (adams morgan) these days is actually making as good a cappuccino as murky (both get beans from Counter Culture). But the trick is by all means do not order a cappuccino: you must order a "cortado" because tryst uses too much milk in all their drinks. Will be just like classic cap at Murky.

        Dolcezza (gelato place in Gtown) also makes a very nice cappuccino (counter culture again) though nowhere to sit. is a good source for info.

        1. Well I would say my house. I roast my own and have an s1v2. :)

          Seriously, nothing here compares to NYC's cafe grumpy or gimmie or 9th street. Murky's is a close second though. Gloria Jeans in manassas isn't bad either.

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          1. re: scot

            Scot: that's my magic place in NYC...Cafe Grumpy. Miss it already. What's a s1v2?

            1. re: scot

              cafe grumpy is a great place. i think i read somewhere that the baristas were trained by murky though. hah.

              that clover machine is great. best brewed coffee i've ever had.

              1. re: kneelconqueso

                Yeah they were testing out the clover when I was there once. Kept giving me more cups. I was so overcaffinated but man it was good.

                S1V2 = La Spaziale espresso machine "for home". Wonderful machine, I've gone through 3 different types of machines before I found "the one". Really great.

            2. If you're downtown, Swings at 17th and G (by the old exec office bldg) is quite good. not in the same league as murky but the best downtown I think.