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Oct 30, 2001 02:39 PM

Chef of Real Food Daily: WOW!

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I was just in Santa Monica for the Women Chefs and Restaurateurs conference. As part of the event, a group of us had dinner at Real Food Daily on Santa Monica Blvd., specially put together for us by the chef, David Anderson. Forgive me for yelling, but: IF YOU NEED A FANCY VEGAN DINNER CATERED, FIND OUT IF THIS MAN CAN DO IT FOR YOU!!!! He made us the most incredibly wonderful food -- things like a roasted baby beet and portabello terrine with truffled potato salad; butternut squash "flan;" chanterelle tomato risotto in tomato consomme; spiced pumpkin bisque with cashew "creme fraiche" -- 9 courses in all! All of the dishes were beautiful to look at and had wonderful contrasts of flavors and textures. David told us that this is the kind of food he loves to do -- and I hope he gets the chance to do it more!

BTW, I'm an omnivore, and didn't even realize that it was vegan -- so you could feed this guy's food to just about anyone and they'd be happy.

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  1. Please e-mail me directly about the Women Chef's and Restaurant Owners conference. I have not heard about this organization or conference. Thank you in advance.
    Ginger Wolf
    P.S. The vegetarian fare makes wonderful side dishes for us omnivores!~

    1. Any idea what it would take to get him to cook like that at Real Food Daily? My memory from a few years ago, and perusal of their menu online, reveals no such amazing stuff. Those dishes sound incredible; we'd be there in a heartbeat...

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        Suzanne Fass

        Yeah, the regular menu is utilitarian, but the guy can do amazing things if requested. Maybe if you called ahead by a few days and asked for something special for a group?? I'm sure the cost would be several times that of the usual fare -- but oh so worth it! (BTW, I hope I don't get him in trouble for this. It was just so beyond the norm. We did pay more than the average, though.)