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Feb 6, 2008 09:06 AM

Pajama Brunch?

My mom is coming to visit this weekend, and i wanted to grab a nice brunch on sunday morning since we can't get dinner because i have to work. I heard about a pajama brunch, but can't remember where it was or if it was good and what not. If anyone knows about this brunch or can steer me towards a different brunch that would be awesome.

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    1. As Taralli said it is Tremont 647 and all the staff are in their PJs...most diners are not. I had brunch at the bar this past Sunday with two friends and it was great. We each had one of the scrambles - essentially scrambled eggs with omelet fillings mixed in. The eggs were delicious as always, but I want to give extra props to the bacon and home fries that come with. Bacon was thick cut and smoky/sweet, potatoes very flavorful and cooked perfectly. Great service too. Three scrambles, two coffees, a bloody and a mimosa came to $66 with tax and tip, iirc.

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        The service at the bar Sunday was really good. I thought the bartender was great. The place was fairly packed by 11:15 so I'd either go early or see if you can make a reservation.

      2. The Living Room over by the Waterfront used to do a PJ Brunch, however I just checked out their website and didn't see anything about the PJ part of brunch, anywho here is their website and they definantly still over brunch, I'm just not sure about the PJ part, but its worth giving them a call and inquiring because I have been before and it was a great environment!

        1. Tremont 647 does a pajama brunch, and last I heard so does The Living Room at the North End's edge. I'm not especially taken with the brunch at either place, but if these were the only two options, I'd choose Tremont 647.

          1. This was a rather entertaining thread on the pajama brunch...