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Feb 6, 2008 09:06 AM

Help! I need a restaurant downtown on Friday night...not the same old, same old...

Hi all, I'm looking for a restaurant for after MOCA Friday night...we were going to go to Yang Chow but with Chinese New Year on Thursday we're thinking it'll be too crazy. Of course there are the obvious places, Pinot, Patina, Engine Co., Ciudad....anyone have any new finds, great hole in the walls, great good bangs for the buck, great experience restaurants...if we don't think of something better, we'll probably go to the restaurant in the Omni Hotel...but I'm thinking the Hounds can steer me to something a little off the beaten path? We're three adventours gals who like anything and everything (except a mob scene in Chinatown!)

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  1. Why would there be a mob scene Friday night in Chinatown? It might be a little hectic tonight and Thursday, but I doubt Friday would be a "mob scene".

    In any event, I would recommend Wood Spoon for Brazillian.

    1. R-23, La Serenata, CBS

        1. Tiara Cafe just started serving dinner and has been getting some good reviews...

          1. JTown:
            Haru Ulala
            Honda Ya
            Hana Ichimonme

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              Do you guys rate Curry House as good eats in the area as well? I like it but after reading all these foodie boards, I think my taste isn't as good as i thought it was =/

              1. re: christof

                I think Curry House is fine. I'm just not personally big on that kind of food, although I like curry a lot, so it just wouldn't be the kind of place I'd frequent. I'm sure others here like Curry House.

                1. re: slacker

                  I too love the curry. I prefer that the take-out location though cause they have that frequent buyer card.

                  There is also a new Korean BBQ place in that the center, which is pretty good (and cheap)

                  1. re: kek is khmer

                    The K-bbq place is open now? I gotta try it.
                    I'm so glad these new places are opening in that plaza; only place in Jtown with easy parking.