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Feb 6, 2008 09:00 AM

SEA chowhound coming to San Diego for a long weekend!

My roomie and I need sun BADLY! We are from Seattle... I have searching the Internet for a couple weeks now looking for hotels (places to rest and relax- or outposts to go to attractions and the beach/Mexico). What areas/places should I concentrate on? What is the best place to be located? We are also needing food recs for must try places- types of food to try- and can't miss items. I'm thinking places that are hole in the wall, or cheap, or legendary, or impressive. All price points with an emphasis on the lower end- we did just get out of university :) There can be a few splurge meals though... I am not really familiar with the area at all. The last time I was in San Diego I was 14 and with my mom. My only memories are eating chocolate candies in the shape of a whale at a Sea World brunch* I need insider help! Thanks!

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  1. We will be located in Sand Diego :)

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      San Diego is pretty big, what part of SD. And will you have a car?

    2. Advising on lodging is out of this board's scope. try citysearch. But chowhounders CAN advise on restaurants. Once you decide what you want to do, and where you will be staying, responses will be much easier to make.

      Whether you rent a car or depend on public transportation will inform responses, too, as DD mentions.

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        I just found out that we will be located in the Mission Bay area and using public transportation. We are willing to travel for excellent things. I would love recomendation on local specialty dishes or items to try+ local secert restaurants that are amazing. What are the tourist places/local favorites downtown (or anywhere else) that are worth it or items to stop off to try? I would like to try places that are unique to San Diego or Cali and items the region is known for. What are y'all's favorite stand by's- from a cart to expensive swant... Thanks!

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're not exactly going to be located in an area known for unique and interesting dining and trying to use public transportation from Mission Bay to places of interest will be somewhat difficult and time consuming. Realistically, to achieve what you've requested is most easily and economically done with a car.

          You could take the bus down Morena Blvd. to the Old Town transit station and transfer to the Blue line trolley into Little Italy and downtown. Cabs are plentiful in SD and they are expensive.

      2. Try the Fishery on Cass ST. Sushi Ota is also not very far. On Missino Bay Dr