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Feb 6, 2008 09:00 AM

Veal - where to buy in Baltimore?

I am cooking Veal Oscar for my boyfriend for Valentine's day. I don't eat veal so I have never purchased it. Is there a good place to get it? Does anyone have an outstanding Veal Oscar recipe and or a clams casino recipe? I will make clams for appetizer, veal for main course and what should I serve with it? I am making a cheesecake for Dessert - his favorite. any ideas would be much appreciated!

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  1. Sorry not exactly on theme but this is a saucy love dish.

    1. I too made a Veal dish for my BF last year - now ex. Owing to last year's weather - snowy, I ended up going to Wholefoods Harbor East, the veal was pricey but good. I know Safeway in Canton has Veal, as does the butcher in the Broadway markets and Cross Street. Not sure where exactly you are located, but Veal is not usually a meat i have difficulty finding.

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        awesome. I live in Fed hill and work in Harbor East. I was just over at whole foods and did not see it. Is it in the case? I would want to be sure it was good - Im not going to be buying very much so I dont care so much about price. sorry that he is now an ex.

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          nah, not your fault and certainly wasn't the result of my kick@rse cooking (but yes, his lack of appreciation ;)
          Since you work right there, I'd ask the butcher's if they're getting in the cut you'll need for your dish in time for V-day and perhaps they can hold it aside for you. Failing that, i'd ask the same of the guys in Cross St markets. You've got a week, so should be ok. From memory, @ WF sometimes it's in the case where all the unpackaged meats are other times I've seen it pre-wrapped on the far right side of the meat case to the left of the actual meat counter. whew, hope that makes sense.

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            Thank you so much for your help. I will ask tonight at whole foods - that will be most convenient!!

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          There is no butcher in either Broadway Market.

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            Opps, guess it's been a while since i've bought meat in there then!