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Feb 6, 2008 08:50 AM

Edible Tie

I am trying to create a sweet "purse" with brie, rasberry preserves and pecans, similar to a thai golden purse that is tied with a chive. I am looking for a tie to create the purse but obviously do not want to use a chive as it will not fit with the flavors I'm using. Does anyone have any suggestions?? Thanks!

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    1. A thin strip of vanilla bean?

      1. Does it actually need to tie or is it for decorative purposes only? caramelized sugar, piped white chocolate, a strip of orange peel (without pith), fruit leather cut into a long strip.

        1. would fruit leather work? it's not candy per se....

          1. I might try a piece of young lemon grass or the previously mentioned vanilla bean strip.