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Feb 6, 2008 08:42 AM

Le Gigot for Valentines Day- is it worth $85?

I have made reservations at Le Gigot for Valentines Day, mostly because all you chows can't seem to think of a bad thing to say about it. The price for the Valentines prix fixe is $85 per person for three courses and no wine. I've been known to pay that much for a prix fixe, but it's usually for more like five courses.

In general, I'm not one of those people that believes that you get better food if it's more expensive. Looking at Le Gigot's normal menu, I could order three courses for under $55, which would be fine with me....

Has anyone been to Le Gigot for a special occasion? Am I going to end up thinking, "Well, that was good, but not $85 good." (actually more like $120 good after wine, tax, and tip)?

Oh, my wise partners in chowage, please advise. Thanks!

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  1. Well, it's a little funny to solicit feedback AFTER having committed, but you did ask for it....

    I've not been to Le Gigot for a "special occasion" event, and I agree that the tab is steep for this particular restaurant. I think the food is perfectly fine, but certainly nothing well above average. Bistros aren't meant to be spacious, but the premium that Le Gigot places on its space is akin to the 6 train during rush hour. The last time I ate there I was seated just across from the bar, and the gymnastics involved in just finding a comfortable place for my arms and legs exceeded my patience. I guess some person's intimate is another person's cramped....

    So go and enjoy, request a table away from the bar if it's possible, and report back on your romantic dinner!

    1. We went to Le Gigot for the first time recently. I can't remember if I posted a report. It's a lovely, cozy romantic neighborhood spot. Food was good and service was excellent. Agree with 280 Ninth, seating can be challenging given it's a small space. We were dining early and got a great table in the corner farthest away from the front of the restaurant. As to dining out on Valentine's Day and the ridiculous prices that are charged, I have strong opinions and we will be staying in :) Enjoy!

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        Thanks for the advice! We are kind of miniature people so I don't worry about small spaces so much.

        So, I guess we'll see. I am committed, but I like to know what I'm getting in to. Plus, it's far enough in advance that I can still cancel if someone gave me a resounding no. But there has been no resounding, so I won't back out!

        I'll let you all know how it goes.

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          I think it's just wrong to charge so much more for the same food because it is V-day. Go on the 13th instead! For that price I'd be down the street at Anissa....

      2. Okay, here the long over due end to the story. It turned out that my darling sweetheart mixed up his schedule and had to work on the 14th. He is impossible to be angry with, and I had doubts about the price of the evening, so I ended up calling Le Gigot to cancel the v-day res. I added up what three courses I would like to order off their menu, and it came to $55. I just couldn't see spending the extra $30 plus wine. I switched the reservation to Wednesday the 13th (they had no problem with this, they had a waiting list for Valentine's reservations).

        Then on Wednesday, the darling sweetheart came down with the flu! No fancy dinner for us. I rescheduled the reservation for last night. And finally, we went!

        It was a lovely dinner. We shared the crab cake to start, which was shockingly good though a bit small (I should mention that I am from Maryland and used to Faidley's size crab cakes- LARGE). There was some flavor in the cake that I'm not used to finding there, and loved. It was a sweetish flavor... I'm guessing it was homemade mayo.

        Next I had the cassoulet and darling sweetheart had the lamb. Both were rich, succulent, and perfect for the cold night.

        We planned to order the cheese plate and follow it up with either bread pudding or creme brulee, but after the cheese we were so full that dessert sounded scary. To comment on the cheese- it was really nice, and a great end to the meal, but nothing stood out as being surprising or revolutionary.

        We shared a bottle of wine, but I can't recall the name as darling sweetheart is the wine guy, and I tend to drink whatever is put in front of me.

        I loved the green velvet cushions on the benches and the real towels in the bathroom. Our waiter was charming and funny, and in general there was a very jovial vibe among all the patrons and staff. Everyone seemed happy to be there. A gentleman at the table next to me announced, "I plan to start with the oysters and move onto ice cream!" A man after my own heart....

        So all in all, it was a great night that I plan to repeat (hopefully leaving room for dessert next time). Oh, and the bill came to exactly $85 per person, but that was for the meal, the tax, the wine, and the tip. I think I'll leave Valentine's at Le Gigot for those in a higher tax bracket.

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        1. re: erns53

          thanks for the report. i love le gigot. be sure to go in the summer when soft shell crabs are available. i had the most incredible salad with sauteed crabs there last year. phenomenal. and at lunch, very reasonably priced. so nice not to have a fried version.

          1. re: rooney

            Oh, I love soft shell crabs. I never get them because I'm always nervous (kind of like with crab cakes) that they won't be as I want them. I will trust Le Gigot, though.