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Feb 6, 2008 08:32 AM

Hector's on Henderson?

Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has been to Hector's (in Dallas) recently and if so, do they recommend it? Is it worth the $? We went years ago when it first opened and it underwhelmed, but I'm interested in giving it another try.


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  1. I dined at Hector's on Henderson about two weeks ago for the first time. The dishes we ordered were pretty healthy servings for the price (to me at least). I ordered the braised beef with parsnip puree and sauteed mushrooms. The food was pretty good, especially the white cheddar risotto, but it didn't "wow" any of us. The ambience is what put us off a little. We weren't aware that there was going to be live music, which is our fault for not checking out the website ahead of time (something I usually do). Aside from that the service and food were both good. Would I go back? I probably would not make an effort to go there again, but if a friend wanted to try it out I'd tag along.