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Feb 6, 2008 08:18 AM

forage - calgary

so we are in love with Forage
19th St and 34 Ave SW in Marda Loop.
best take out option around, in my opinion of course!
the portions are generous, the prices are reasonable (especially for the quality of food), it's all local food and i can pick up a bottle of wine next door! It also help that it's just down the alley from me too!

we are finding that you can pretty much feed two for one portion, maybe add a soup or salad and then definitely enough for two, unless you want leftovers which i'm looking forward to for lunch today :


they also have a number of events each month as well.

so far we've tried:

sunworks farm organic chicken roasted with herbs, served with mashed potatoes and gravy - $38 whole $25 half $14 quarter

buffalo horn ranch bison meatloaf with saskatoon berry gravy and mashed potatoes $12

Chicken Burrito -sunworks farm chicken, black beans, and cheddar wrapped in a tres marias flour tortilla with red rice $13

broek pork acres berkshire pork roasted with herbs served with mashed potatoes and pan gravy $14

I think the favorite was the pork roast but everything has been delicious - I know there is a lot of butter in the potaotes but they are just so good that i'm choosing to ignore that.

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  1. Thanks for the review pants. I have to admit forage has been off my radar ever since they left CFM. It all sounds delicious. :)

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    1. re: maplesugar

      I subscribe to their weekly email and go to their blog just to DREAM about being able to whip by there and pick up dinners. (I live in Edmonton!) Maybe there'll be a "Forage North" one day :)

    2. Is this restaurant good food or just better than average take home food? Comparable with Red Tree, Sunterras, Safeway?

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      1. re: HBOO

        i haven't tried Red Tree, better than Sunterra, not even the same league as Safeway.

        The food is by Infuse catering next door, I'd say restaurant good - they did the food for Louheed House, I was at a dinner there last year and it was beautiful.

        1. re: pants

          Pants, thanks very much for the heads-up. I just finished their special of the day (shepherd's pie) and I thought it was very good.