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Feb 6, 2008 07:59 AM

Christophe's- Vergennes, VT Has Closed

Sad news...Christophe's in Vergennes has closed for good. According to an article in Seven Days, the restaurant could not make it financially.

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  1. Oh no! I heard such wonderful things about this and was thinking of celebrating there this spring. :-(( I know many will be disappointed....

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      Oh drats. :( I could never get my husband to go because he thought he didn't like French food. We went to a place in Boston a couple of months ago that he really, really liked, and I was hoping he would be willing to give Christophe's a shot this summer.

      This just stinks!!!

    2. This saddens me, but it doesn't surprise me.

      My wife and I were going to go in late December, and budget issues cropped up so that we decided that we needed to skip the $200 dinner we undoubtedly would have had there.

      It was an exquisite place, and the only one we've yet encountered in New England that reminds us of our past dining experiences in various superb small-town restaurants in Burgundy.