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Feb 6, 2008 07:49 AM

I need a pizza that will knock 'em dead!

Hey there chowhounds,

I'm going to a pizza pot-luck on Friday, where the guests bring the toppings and we bake them up all night.

Should be fun, and I'd like to impress. I've gotten nothing but good advice from these boards, so I thought I'd see if you have any ideas that are simultaneously fun, quirky and delicious.

Whatever I bring needs to be easy (there's going to be a boatload of us, so I don't want to put out my hostess by taking up too much prep-space/time). Anybody have anything in their bag of tricks that they're willing to share?

I'm not afraid of "out there" ideas and I'm not afraid of anchovies.


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  1. One of my favourite pizza that I eat all the time is Tuna and Onions. You still top with tomato sauce and mozza, and then you add thinnnly sliced red onion and drained canned tuna (packed in olive oil) is soo good, and different!
    There's a pizzeria here in town that does a Bruschetta pizza which is delicious....Basically, you just bake the dough with nothing on it...(or some oil if you'd like), and once it comes out, rub with garlic, and top with a mixture of chopped tomatoes (take out the seeds so its not too wet), olive oil, and basil. It is fresh and delicious.
    i'm not sure if you would consider this knock 'em dead, but they are really really good.
    If I think of something really out there, I will post it.

    1. Pesto pizza - use the pesto in place of tomato sauce and top liberally with parmeggiano cheese.

      Clam pizza - essentially white clam sauce on pizza. To identify the pizza, you can steam a few small clams open and place them, shell and all ontop of the pizza.

      The wifey's favorite pizza is prosciutto and arugula. Add both to a normal margarita pizza just after removing from the oven.

      1. I like making thick crust pizza w/ focaccia dough:

        You can bring it already stretched out on a cookie/half sheet pan. Bake halfway, top and then finish the rest. Recently I've done one w/ prosciutto, fig, goat cheese and caramelized onions; and one w/ fresh tomatoes, basil and fresh sliced mozarella cheese.

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          I'd just like to vote for the prosciutto/fig/goat cheese pizza as most likely to knock my socks off. Yum.

          This thread has me a little depressed, though. My Superbowl (don't sue me, NFL) pizza was very blah. I just did mushrooms and red peppers and it fresh basil...somehow the flavor was lacking. Not sure if my cheese was bland or if I didn't have sufficiently flavorful toppings.

          1. re: danna

            For the record, that was the most expensive pizza I've ever made. Goat cheese $8, figs $6, prosciutto close to $20 (had a lot leftover). Caramelized onions--dirt cheap but took manual labor. It was a hit, though!

            Your superbowl pizza sounds good. Did you roast the peppers? Roasted red peppers have so much flavor. What kind of cheese did you use?

            1. re: chowser

              I think the cheese was the problem. I used both regular and fresh mozz from Whole Foods. My husband, always quotable, said "I knew I shouldn't have bought hippie cheese." Normally I adore the cheese from WF, but this stuff was out of their packaged section and just ....tasteless.

              Did not roast the peppers because of time constraints (the GAME"S ABOUT TO START!) and I had a limited number of aging button mushrooms. Having sent the husband to the store for two things: cheese and "3 kinds of mushrooms, you pick"...he forgot the mushrooms. In retrospect, it's no wonder the pizza sucked. ;-)

              Tonight, the well-aged leftover dough is going to become calzones stuffed w/ MUSHROOMS and ricotta...we'll see what happens.

          2. re: chowser

            the prosciutto pizza combo sounds terrific, chowser!

          3. Carmelized onions - everyone will love you and they are a no-brainer, make ahead and cheap to make! How many do you need? Our favorite for a long time was carmelized onions, roasted or carmelized fennel and goat cheese, add some garlic and olive oil. Add figs if you like some sweetness. In fact, fruit like roasted apple goes very well on pizza. Roast tart apple slices with no sugar until they are close to being done, and will just finish up on the pizza getting dark brown around the edges. Grilled pineapple - actually anything grilled is good. Smoked trout.

            1. One of our family's favorite pizzas started out as a way to clean out the fridge. We had some leftover ratatouille (eggplant, tomatoes, onions, & peppers), marinated artichoke hearts and leftover cooked Italian sausage. We stacked all this on the pizza, topped with some leftover Gouda, Jarslberg & Fontina with a little Romano. Woo boy, it turned out very well. You could make all these toppings in advance and bring them with you. Anchovies and sauteed mushrooms would work well with this combo as well.