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Feb 6, 2008 07:42 AM

ISO Cheap(er) Miso Paste

Hi all --

I've been wanting to do a lot with Miso these days so I went to Whole Foods to check out their selection. The only stuff that I saw on the shelves were upward of $6.

Where can I find cheaper Miso?? My initial thought was maybe Chinatown (even though Miso is Japanese) but I'm not sure.

I live in midtown but am wiliing to travel around the city for a good deal.



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  1. PAT has a good selection, also T&T. Cheap.

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      1. re: wontonfm

        Lots of delicious Korean delights. I went for a mid price range red miso when I was there and am enjoying it.

        P A T Central Market
        675 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON M6G 1L3
        Telephone : 416-532-2961

        1. re: Mila

          P.A.T. is my main source for miso, dashi, seaweed, soba, soy sauce, rice, kimchi, and anything from east S.E. Asia. There are two other branches, one in Mississauga, one at Lawrence and Warden across from Nasr. The staff is friendly and helpful, though very reserved.
          There won't be a lot of miso below $6, but the selection is great, and it will last a long time in the fridge.

          1. re: jayt90

            There are actually 5 P.A.T. locations in toronto.
            P.A.T. Central Market, 675 Bloor St W, Toronto, 416-532-2961
            P.A.T. Spring Garden, 63 Spring Garden Ave, North York, 416-226-5522
            P.A.T. Scarborough, 1973 Lawrence Ave E, Scarborough, 416-288-8420
            P.A.T. Mississauga, 333 Dundas St E, Mississauga, 905-276-0787
            P.A.T. Thornhill, 7289 Yonge St, Thornhill, 905-881-3837

    1. Sanko is great for Japanese groceries (Queen West), including miso paste... but I can't recall whether it's a bargain (it probably is relative to Whole Foods).

      Still, it's worth the trip just for a look-about if you're into Japanese food.

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      1. re: Rabbit

        I think Sanko has different price points. They package some in store as well.
        T&T has a selection too next to the pickled stuff and fish cakes in the fridge aisle

        1. re: chocabot

          I like the selection at samko but they're pretty expensive. I just bought some shiro miso there for $20 (it was recommended by the guy there for being lower in sodium than the other brands). I didn't realize it cost that much at the time as I was buying a number of items and in a hurry, but def. got the sticker shock at home!!! also bought some of their 'top shelf' takari mirin for $14, but subsequently found it online for $5.

      2. doesn't it cost more to 'travel around' than to pay that? anyway, how big is the $6 box? i paid about $9 for 1kg in J-town and I am very happy with the quality. some miso doesn't taste as good as the others.

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        1. re: phylao

          I usually get Hanamaruki white and red miso in 500g tubs for about $5. Larger is sometimes a false economy since those big-ass containers can get funky before they're done--OK, though, if you're a miso-holic. I'll pop for the big tubs/packages in summer when I'm grilling more often. PAT's probably best for price/selection; J-Town isn't.

          1. re: phylao

            I have a metropass and my time really isn't that valuable so I don't mind traveling around :) PLUS I'm always looking for new markets to fill various voids in my food life (I just moved back to Toronto after a 6 year absence).

            The tubs at Whole Foods were pretty small maybe around 250mg would be my guess.

            Thanks all for the suggestions!

            1. re: wontonfm

              Yeah, you can get the 1kg plastic tubs with the lid for about $9 at Sanko. I think the one we got has the sumo baby on the label. Rabbit has been going to town with the miso fish so I imagine we'll need another soon.

              T&T has miso, but when I was there they didn't have 1kg tubs, only 1kg bags. I don't like to buy the stuff in plastic bags. It makes a mess when you spoon or squeeze it out and it gets crusty and dried out in the fridge.

              1. re: Mr Rabbit

                You can add the H-Mart Korean supermarket on Yonge south of Major Mac to the list.