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Waffles and panini?

Probably a long shot, but I am hoping there is a gadget with reversible plates that would make both panini AND waffles that I haven't been able to find. I hate having single-function gadgets, and don't make waffles or panini frequently enough to justify the storage space for a waffle iron or a panini press, but if there was something that did both (and wasn't a hunk of junk), I'm pretty sure I could find some space in my cupboards. Help?

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  1. Black and Decker makes one- I don't remember the model name/#, but it works pretty good for waffles. I haven't tried making panini with it yet, though I have cooked bacon on it, which was good- actually better then in a pan, since I didn't have grease splattering all over. It has pretty good temperature control, which is so important to making good waffles...and using any panini/George Forman type grill unit to, though most GF grills don't have temp adjustment. I've only had mine a few weeks, so I can't say anything about longevity, but I have made over 200 waffles on it with no problems, other then having to slightly adjust the temp.

    1. I saw a George Foreman grill advertised that has interchangable plates including ones to make waffles. The model # is GRP90WGR.

      1. Reversible grid waffle irons have been around for a long time, even back in the days when we ate grilled cheese sandwiches instead of panini.


        1. They're out there, but dig around for reviews, America's Test Kitchen found they didn't heat as evenly as single task appliances. Could make for frustrating waffles.

          1. How about the Cuisinart Griddler. I don’t have one, but they have certainly advertised them enough on TV. Maybe someone who has one could chime in a let us know how versatile they are and how well they work.

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              I don't think the Griddler does waffles.

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                you're right. as much as i love my griddler, that's the one drawback - no waffles.

            2. For several years I toasted panini in a cast iron skillet, with another skillet laid on top to press the sandwich, flipping it over when one side was done. I thought I was real clever until I saw a Good Eats episode where AB heated up each of the skillets and cooked both sides of the panino at the same time. If you have two cast iron skillets (they don't need to be the same size), just find yourself a good waffle iron.

              You could probably use another type of skillet or pan on the bottom, but you need something heavy that holds a lot of heat on the top, and that means cast iron.

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                I don't know anything about making panini, but I'm with Zeldog on this point.
                I'm partial to a single tasker when it comes to waffle irons. If you have a good one and only make waffles, after a few times of use, you no longer have to pre-oil it, and once the temperature setting is right for your batter that you use you never have to change it.

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                  So does anyone have a recommendation for a good waffle maker? My teen daughter, who loves to bake, is now interested in making waffles, and wants a waffle iron for her birthday!
                  Thanks, p.j.

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                    I have a inexpensive Salton waffle iron that I like, but these receive good reviews.



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                      These may be good wafflers...but they do not respond to the OP's post which was a request for a multi use waffler paninni maker with removable plates similar to this one...


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                        That's really kind of expensive. There are lots of relatively inexpensive waffle irons (under $50) with reversible plates that can be used for sandwiches (or other things -- I've done cutlet-type meats on mine). My issue with them, though, is that they're all square, and I don't think square waffle irons work as well as round ones. If I were really into making waffles, I think I'd probably go with a single-purpose waffle iron and use some other method for panini.

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                          as would I ...In fact that is what I've done..2 separate appliances...only problem is that they do take up twice the space!

                1. Making french toast in a waffle iron is fun. Maybe
                  just making the panini (or grilled cheese) with the
                  waffle plates would work too?

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                    I've been making sandwiches in my waffle iron for years. My boys called them "Checkerboard Sandwiches" and grew up on them
                    The eldest will turn 40 soon, so it really has been a long time.

                  2. We've been thinking along the same lines as the OP, so I thought I'd bump up this thread. My tiny kitchen really doesn't need two appliances, but I also don't want to bother with a waffle iron that doesn't get hot enough.

                    Any new thoughts?